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In the past several decades, researchers and scientists have developed a number of powerful injectable products that can smooth away your wrinkles and add volume to your skin. Jeuveau is one of the newest, most effective injective products available today. At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Florida, we can use this wonderful new injectable to make you look more youthful and beautiful.

How Long Does It Take for Jeuveau to Show Results?

When you reach your late twenties or thirties, your facial expressions will begin to create visible wrinkles on your face. In particular, you will develop lines between your eyebrows. These wrinkles, which scientists call glabellar lines, will change the appearance of your face.

Jeuveau is a type of neuromodulator that is designed to fix this problem by temporarily removing these frown lines from your skin.

Seeing Results

This product erases your frown lines by improving the behavior of the muscles in this portion of your face. Your body will have a unique reaction to this injectable product, and you may achieve results more or less quickly than your peers.

In general, this product will create fairly quick improvements in your frown lines. In fact, your lines will typically improve within two to ten days after you get your injections.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Injectable Treatment?

This innovative injectable product is the first wrinkle-relaxing treatment to enter the market in more than a decade. This product, which is sometimes called #Newtox, will provide you with a number of significant benefits.

An Aesthetics-Only Treatment

Many injectable productions were originally developed to treat medical problems. In contrast, a company developed this injectable exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

As a result, this product is specifically designed to fade wrinkles in a quick, effective manner. This injectable is the first neuromodulator in the United States to be sold for purely cosmetic purposes.

A Sophisticated Manufacturing Process

Some creams, serums, and other beauty products contain diluted or impure ingredients that could harm your skin. In addition, these creams and other products may not be able to fix your wrinkles. In contrast, this purified solution is made in a sophisticated facility that uses Hi-Pure technology to make each injectable product.

A Minimally-Invasive Treatment

When you use an invasive cosmetic procedure to smooth your wrinkles, you might need to receive general anesthesia and incisions. In addition, you might have to spend a long time sitting in your house while your body is healing from your procedure.

When you use our wrinkle relaxer to improve your frown lines, you will not need to use general anesthesia or get incisions in your body. Instead, we will fix your frown lines during a quick appointment at our office in West Palm Beach. When we have finished injecting this product, we will instruct you to leave our office and return to your regular schedule.

How Does This Injectable Fix My Frown Lines?

This product contains a purified type of prabotulinumtoxinA. This substance, which is also called botulinum toxin A, will temporarily diminish the visibility of your frown lines.

Understanding Your Frown Lines

The frown lines between your eyebrows are caused by repeated facial expressions. Normally, the skin between your eyebrows will move when you frown or make other expressions. These movements will make folds in your skin. When you are very young, your skin will quickly recover from these changes, and the area between your eyebrows will stay smooth and wrinkle-free.

As you get older, the condition of your skin will change and you will be more likely to develop lines between your eyebrows. As you continue to frown and make other facial movements, these lines will deepen and become more noticeable.

Improving Your Wrinkles

We will inject this product into the muscles that cause the skin between your eyebrows to move. The botulinum toxin A in this injectable will improve the behavior of the nerves in this area of your face. In particular, this ingredient will prevent your nerves from instructing these facial muscles to move. Stopping the movements of these muscles will soften your wrinkles and make you look more youthful.

What Should I Expect During My Appointment?

We will complete your injectable treatment at our office in West Palm Beach.

Preparing Your Skin

If you are very nervous about this process, we may begin your treatment by using a local anesthetic to numb the skin around your eyebrows. It will take some time for this agent to numb the tissues in your desired treatment location.

Correcting Your Frown Lines

Once you are ready, we may ask you to scrunch your face a couple of times. Moving your face will allow us to determine the most optimal places to administer this injectable product. After we have identified these sites, we will use a very thin needle to inject this material into your muscles.

Typically, we will administer a couple of injections into the skin between your eyebrows. We will probably also inject this product into the skin above your brows.

Finishing Your Appointment

It will only take us a couple of minutes to correct your frown lines. When we have finished with this process, you will leave our office and drive yourself back to your house, apartment, or workplace.

Will This Product Permanently Fix My Frown Lines?

Although this injectable is an excellent way to remove your frown lines, this product will not produce permanent changes in this portion of your face. Instead, your lines will typically improve for about four months. As your body processes the ingredients in the injectable solution, your frown lines will gradually reappear.

If you would like to achieve lasting improvements in your lines, you should consider receiving periodic touch-up sessions. For example, you might be able to maintain your smooth skin by getting three treatments every year. When you receive your first injection, we can provide you with more details about how to care for your skin and schedule your touch-up sessions.

Who Can Use This Injectable Product?

If you are an adult who would like to decrease the visibility of your frown lines, you will probably be able to use this injectable product. That said, allergies to certain substances and other medical issues will prevent you from getting this aesthetic treatment.

Analyzing Your Health

To make sure that you are in good enough health to use this treatment, you should tell us about all of your medical conditions, including any breathing issues or heart problems. We will also need to hear about any nerve or muscle issues that you have, such as Lou Gehrig’s disease or Lambert-Eaton syndrome.

Talking About Your Allergies

In addition to talking about your medical conditions, you will need to tell us about all of your allergies and sensitivities. If you had an allergic or adverse reaction to Botox, Dysport, or other aesthetic products that contain botulinum toxin, you will not be eligible for this treatment.

Can I Use This Product if I Have Stopped Responding to Other Injectable Treatments?

Products like Botox and Dysport are very effective at smoothing away crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles that develop on your face. However, under some circumstances, your body might develop a tolerance to these products.

Developing a Tolerance

Although scientists do not fully understand this process, some researchers believe that this issue occurs when your body creates antibodies to these injectables. These antibodies may prevent these products from changing the behavior of your nerves. As you continue to receive your injections, your results may become less noticeable.

Trying a New Injectable

Jeuveau has a unique formula that is different from the solutions contained in other neuromodulators. As a result, your body may react differently to this product. In particular, you might be able to achieve more favorable results by switching to this product and discontinuing the use of your old injectable.

Talking to Us

If you’ve been disappointed by the results of injectable treatments that you received from other aesthetic providers, you might have developed a tolerance to your usual product. If you are worried about this problem, you should describe your previous injectable treatments to us. You should also tell us how your results have changed over time. We will use this information to decide if you should try out a new injectable product.

Can I Use Other Types of Injectable Products to Address My Aesthetic Issues?

You can use many other products to smooth away wrinkles and improve other aesthetic challenges.


Bellafill is a unique injectable that can improve your wrinkles for many years. We can use this product to fix lines around your mouth and creases around your nose. This product contains polymethyl methacrylate microspheres and a collagen gel. When we inject this solution into your skin, the collagen gel will quickly add volume to your tissues. Over time, the microspheres in the product will increase the amount of collagen in your target area.

Improving the collagen in your skin will make lasting changes in your appearance. In fact, this product can improve your wrinkles for up to five years.

Juvederm Products

The Juvederm collection contains several different types of injectable products. These dermal fillers all contain a special ingredient called hyaluronic acid. These products are very versatile, and we can use dermal fillers in the Juvederm collection to fill in lines and improve other aesthetic problems on your face. We can also plump up your lips with Juvederm products.

If you are a nervous person who doesn’t want to make permanent changes in your appearance, you will probably be happy to learn that we can easily reverse the results of this type of injectable. If you would like to return to your previous appearance, we can use an enzyme called hyaluronidase to break down the hyaluronic acid in your filler.

Other Neuromodulators

In addition to Jeuveau, we can use Botox, Xeomin, and other types of neuromodulators to fix your facial wrinkles. Since each of these products contains unique chemical solutions, you might have different responses to these injectables. When you have your first consultation with us, we will talk about these options in more depth and help you select a suitable neuromodulator.

Smooth Your Frown Lines

It’s very difficult to remove your frown lines with serums, creams, and other beauty products. Instead of using ineffective methods to fix these wrinkles, you should use Jeuveau to smooth the lines between your eyebrows. To learn more about this amazing new injectable, contact us at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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