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When you reach the middle of your twenties, the elastin and collagen proteins in your skin will start to weaken. Even if you always use powerful anti-aging products and remember to avoid excessive sun exposure, you will probably develop fine lines and wrinkles on your face at some point. The good news is that at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Florida, we can use a new treatment called Sofwave to improve lines and diminish wrinkles.

What Is Sofwave?

Sofwave is a powerful treatment that will use ultrasound energy to enhance your collagen proteins and reduce the visibility of the lines on your face. When you decide to use this completely non-invasive technique to renew your skin, you’ll receive your treatment at our office in West Palm Beach. During your session, we will use Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB technology to send ultrasound energy into the tissues on your face.

Your appointment will typically last for 30 to 45 minutes, and you will usually return to your daily activities once this process is complete. During the next several months, the ultrasound energy will rebuild the collagen proteins in your face, and the lines that have become etched into your forehead and other locations will start to fade.

Why Is Collagen Important?

The collagen in your tissues will have a large impact on the severity of your wrinkles and other skin problems. Collagen is a natural protein that can be found in your hair, tendons, and muscles. You also have collagen proteins in your facial tissues. The proteins that appear in this location will strengthen the structure of your skin. When these proteins are abundant, your skin will be more likely to look voluminous, smooth, and youthful.

Unfortunately, these structural proteins will start to gradually decline after you enter your twenties. Spending long amounts of time in strong sunlight can also cause these proteins to become damaged. When your collagen becomes weaker, you will have a greater chance of seeing fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

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How Does This Ultrasound Treatment Work?

We will start your session by using ultrasound energy to increase the temperature of the tissues that are located 1.5 millimeters under the surface of your skin. As we gently renew your facial tissues, we will use a specialized SofCool mechanism to protect the surface of your skin.

Heating up these tissues will encourage you to begin a process that scientists call neocollagenesis. During the following months, the collagen in your facial tissues will increase, and the existing structural proteins in your skin will begin to contract. Over time, these changes will fade your wrinkles and lines.

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Will I Be Able to Relax During This Treatment?

We will use specialized techniques to help you feel relaxed during your ultrasound treatment. For example, we can put a topical anesthetic onto your skin before we turn on our ultrasound device. In addition, we will use our sophisticated SofCool mechanism to prevent the top layer of your skin from becoming damaged.

Who Should Think About Using This Ultrasound Treatment?

If you have minor or moderate lines on your face, you should think about receiving this ultrasound treatment. For example, you might use this treatment to fix lines that appear around your mouth after you enter the middle of your thirties. Similarly, you could use this non-invasive technique to decrease the prominence of wrinkles that are located on the upper area of your face.

Will I Need To Change My Skincare Routine After This Treatment Is Finished?

If you don’t want to stop using your favorite lotions or other aesthetic products, you’re in luck. Since this ultrasound treatment is very gentle, you won’t be required to adjust your skincare routine after you complete your appointment. That said, you will be more likely to continue enjoying your smooth, youthful-looking skin if you follow a regular beauty regime during the next several months.

If you are struggling to find anti-aging creams and lotions that will work for your skin, we can recommend specific products for you. For example, we might advise you to begin using the IS Clinical line to reduce your hyperpigmentation issues, wrinkles, and other aesthetic problems. The products in the IS Clinical line contain high-quality ingredients that can improve the flexibility of your skin and give you a fresher appearance.

When Will My Wrinkles Start to Fade?

Your forehead lines and other wrinkles may start to improve after one week has passed, and your collagen proteins will regenerate during the next several months. As a result, your facial lines should continue to gradually fade during the next three months.

If you would like to fade your wrinkles before you go on a vacation or attend an important wedding, you should keep this timeline in mind when you schedule your Sofwave treatment. If you plan ahead, you should be able to achieve the full benefits of your ultrasound treatment before you attend your special event.

Can This Ultrasound Treatment Actually Improve My Facial Lines?

A clinical study has shown that this ultrasound treatment is a very effective way to correct lines and wrinkles. During this study, the majority of people had visible improvements three months after they got one ultrasound session. In addition, 72% of people said that they were satisfied with their results.

Will I Need to Receive More Than One Treatment?

Since we will use an efficient method to correct your wrinkles, you will usually be satisfied with your results after you receive a single ultrasound session. That said, your response to this energy will vary, and you may achieve a more youthful look if you receive multiple treatments.


Transform Your Skin

Developing fine lines around your mouth and other facial wrinkles can transform your appearance and make you look very tired or sad. Sofwave is a new treatment that will use powerful ultrasound energy to improve the condition of the wrinkles and lines on your face. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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