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Traditionally, excess fat underneath the chin , also known as a “double chin,” was only able to be removed through surgery or liposuction. But advances in the aesthetic industry now make it possible to destroy chin fat with a simple injection process that requires no surgery or downtime. Doctor Daniela Dadurian now offers Kybella™ at MD Beauty Labs to quickly and painlessly restore tighter, more defined contours to your lower chin and jawline.

What is Kybella™?

The Kybella™ injection is formulated from deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in your body and aids in the breakdown and absorption of fat. When injected into the fatty tissues underneath the chin, deoxycholic acid permanently destroys the fat cells, preventing them from accumulating and storing fat. When fat is destroyed, the skin of the submental area, or underneath the chin, tightens and creates a more chiseled facial profile.

Kybella™ is typically a well-tolerated procedure, and is the first FDA-approved treatment for moderate to severe fat in the submental area. A series of injections is administered by our medical team, with most patients seeing visible results after two to four sessions.

Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella™?

Men and women who eat a proper diet and lead a healthy lifestyle but who still have problems eliminating excess fat underneath the chin may be good candidates for Kybella™. Although this injectable treatment can safely and effectively destroy submental fat, Kybella™ is not a substitution for diet and exercise or a weight loss solution.

During your consultation, several factors such as your health, medical history, cosmetic goals and expectations will be considered in order to determine if Kybella™ is right for you.

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Is Kybella™ Safe?

Cleared by the FDA for efficacy and safety, Kybella™ is easily recognized and processed by the body, significantly reducing the risks of adverse reactions. Slight bruising, swelling, and redness is common at injection sites and usually subsides shortly after treatment. When administered in correct dosages by a medical professional, Kybella™ typically carries no major side effects, although our medical team will let you know during your consultation if there any possible complications that may apply.

Although fat is destroyed permanently with Kybella,™ future weight gain and lifestyle changes can cause fat to recur in the submental area. Depending on your individual condition, multiple sessions may be necessary in order to achieve desired results.

Even the New York Post is raving about Kybella!
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Kybella Before & After

kybella patient before and after
kybella patient before and after
kybella patient before and after

Contact MD Beauty Labs today to schedule a consultation and find out how Kybella™ can create tighter, more elevated skin and destroy your double chin for good.

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