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Wellness Oasis

Wellness Oasis

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Welcome to the Wellness Oasis at MD Beauty Labs, your sanctuary for rejuvenation and wellness in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL. Step into a realm of tranquility where beauty meets wellness, and discover a curated selection of treatments designed to revitalize your body and spirit.

At the Wellness Oasis, we believe in harnessing the power of innovative technology and holistic approaches to promote your overall well-being. Our serene environment offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to unwind and experience a renewed sense of vitality. Explore our signature treatments:


EMSELLA is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment designed to address urinary incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Utilizing advanced High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology, EMSELLA stimulates the pelvic floor muscles with thousands of supramaximal contractions per session, akin to performing an intense workout of these muscles. This innovative approach allows for the re-education and strengthening of the pelvic floor, providing a significant improvement in urinary incontinence symptoms in both women and men and also improving intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

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Red Light Therapy

Indulge in the healing glow of Red Light Therapy, a luxurious treatment that promotes full body rejuvenation and relaxation. Harnessing the benefits of red light wavelengths, this therapy bed stimulates collagen production, reduces inflammation, accelerates healing, and improves skin tone and texture, leaving you with a radiant, youthful complexion while promoting overall health and wellness.

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Lymphatic Massage

Invigorate your lymphatic system with our specialized Ballancer®Pro compression system. This therapeutic technique gently stimulates lymph flow, helping to detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, and enhance immune function. Whether you’re seeking relief from swelling, promoting post-surgical healing, or simply seeking relaxation, our touchless compression bed offers a relaxing and rejuvenating experience to support your wellness journey.

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Salt Chamber

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our Salt Chamber, a tranquil oasis designed to promote respiratory wellness and relaxation. Rich in mineral-infused salt particles, this therapy helps to alleviate respiratory conditions, reduce stress, and enhance overall respiratory function, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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Oakworks Curva SoVi Lounger

This advanced seating solution is designed to enhance your Salt Chamber Therapy experience. Combining unparalleled comfort with the SoVi VibroAcoustic System upgrade, this lounger offers versatile applications including music, guided meditations, and advanced binaural beats. The lounger also features eight strategically placed vibration elements for an immersive experience, ensuring ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation during your therapy sessions.

Power Plate

Elevate your fitness routine with Power Plate, a dynamic whole-body vibration training system that delivers efficient and effective workouts. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or enhance circulation, Power Plate offers a versatile platform to optimize your fitness goals and boost your overall well-being.

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At the Wellness Oasis within MD Beauty Labs, we are committed to helping you achieve balance and vitality in mind, body, and spirit. Discover a haven of wellness where every visit is an opportunity to nurture yourself from the inside out. Contact us to book your appointment in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, FL, today and embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you.

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