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BOTOX & Fillers

BOTOX & Fillers

A youthful face is a face with ample natural collagen and volume

As we age our natural collagen breaks down, we lose volume in the face due to fat loss, and we form lines and wrinkles. Thanks to the filler revolution there is hope for improving these signs of aging. We can refresh our appearance by replenishing volume and filling in wrinkles with fillers. Here at MD Beauty Labs we have an array of fillers which we will subsequently describe in detail. During a complimentary consultation Dr. Dadurian will assess and discuss with you which filler/s is/are best suited for you as different fillers are used for different purposes and different facial types.

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So which injectable or filler is for YOU?

Recognizing that each patient’s anatomy is different, the only way to get that answer would be to see Dr. Dadurian or our Physician Assistant.

Before & After

filler patient before

April 5, 2016

filler patient after

April 12, 2016

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