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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

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This is an exciting time in the field of hair restoration for both men and women. Now, more than ever before, people have many options at their disposal to safely and effectively treat all kinds of hair loss, even Alopecia. The days of unnatural looking surgical transplantations are long gone.

Hair Transplantation can be a grueling process and undesirable for many. Even though men and women may suffer from hair loss, a hair transplantation is too invasive and one would rather stay with thinning hair than suffer through the treatment process. Hair loss can be from a number of different reasons and sometimes identifying the source can be complicated. Illnesses, hormonal imbalance, Alopecia, thyroid dysfunction, excessive weight loss, aging and stress can all be some contributing factors to hair loss. Please ask us about non-surgical options to combat hair loss.

At MD Beauty Labs we offer many types of hair reconstruction therapies to assist and to alleviate hair loss and also aid you feel and look your best. These therapies include:

  • Supplementation
  • Shampoo

We suggest a complimentary consultation because it’s important to have that one on one encounter. At this encounter we can discuss pertinent information such as medical history, treatment dynamics and treatment expectations to ensure our patients have a detailed plan of action.

We welcome new inquiries and consultations in our West Palm Beach or Palm Beach location Monday thru Saturday. Walk-ins are welcome, but to ensure we have the most time allocated for a complete consultation, an appointment is preferred.

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