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Deep Pore Facial

Deep Pore Facial

There are many singular treatments on the cosmetic market that cleanse and exfoliate the skin, but some chronic skin conditions require more in-depth care. At Daniela Dadurian, M.D. our deep pore facial is a multi-treatment solution to congested and acne-prone skin without causing further irritation.

What is a Deep Pore Facial?

Commonly referred to as a traditional facial, a deep pore facial cleans and refreshes the skin and creates a healthier complexion overall. Although this treatment may be modified to fit your specific skin type and condition, it consists of a combination of:

  • Cleansing
  • Steam
  • Extracting whiteheads and blackheads from pores
  • Facial massage
  • Facial masks

Although your skin may appear clean on the outside, on the surface lingers a buildup of cellular debris, makeup residue and dead skin cells. These can clog your pores and keep your skin from looking and feeling its best as well as cause further irritation to skin that is already sensitive or prone to Acne breakouts.

Why Choose a Deep Pore Facial?

In addition to providing a gentle cleanse and exfoliation to your skin, deep pore facials have several benefits over other treatments or products that promise the same results:

  • After the skin is opened up, it also nourished and hydrated to prevent dehydration and dryness.
  • As the extraction process can redden the skin, special precautions are taken to calm and soothe the skin to prevent further irritation
  • The facial massage techniques will not only increase your blood circulation, but they will also strengthen, tone and tighten the muscle fibers
  • With regular treatment, visible signs of aging are reduced and prevented

At the completion of treatment, a light layer of sunblock is typically applied to protect your new, more vulnerable skin surface. Following Dr. Dadurian’s post-treatment instructions can maintain your cleaner, smoother skin and add longevity to your results.


Am I a Good Candidate for a Deep Pore Facial?

If your skin is chronically congested, oily or prone to Acne, regular treatment with a deep pore facial may improve your complexion and overall skin health. During your consultation, Dr. Dadurian will evaluate your individual skin health and condition and tailor the treatment specifically to you.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dadurian and find out if you are a candidate for a deep pore facial.

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