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Are you tired of seeing sunken cheeks and deep wrinkles when you look at yourself in the mirror? If these age-related changes are making you feel upset about your appearance, you should consider correcting these problems with injectables. At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Florida, we can use Radiesse, Sculptra Aesthetic, and many other injectable products to plump, smooth, and renew your skin.

What Are the Differences Between Radiesse and Sculptra?

When you begin researching injectable treatments, you might become a bit overwhelmed by the number of rejuvenating products that you can use to enhance your skin. Fortunately, we will explain our full range of options when you visit our beautiful office in West Palm Beach. If you are trying to achieve long-lasting changes in your wrinkles and volume loss, we will probably recommend that you use Radiesse or Sculptra Aesthetic.

Although both of these injectables will produce lasting, beneficial changes in your skin, each of these products uses a unique method to achieve this goal. As a result, each of these injectables will provide you with a unique set of benefits.

Achieving Fast Results

Radiesse contains calcium-based microspheres that will significantly increase your ability to make new collagen fibers. This product will produce an immediate improvement in your skin. After you receive your injections, your tissues will look fuller. You will usually be able to achieve your cosmetic goal after you receive one set of injections.

During the next several weeks, the ingredients in this injectable product will continue to improve your skin, and your treatment area will become even more youthful and attractive. If you are eager to see a quick improvement in your appearance, we may advise you to use this injectable. For example, you might use this product before you go on a vacation or attend a wedding.

Achieving Natural-Looking Improvements

Sculptra Aesthetic does not contain calcium-based microspheres. Instead, this injectable will use a substance called poly-L-lactic acid to change your appearance. It’s typical to receive multiple injection sessions. Your injections will create gradual changes in your tissues. Although your skin will look fuller after you finish each of your appointments, your face will return to its previous appearance during the next 48 hours.

Over the next several months, the ingredients in this filler will gradually improve your skin. If you want to achieve very natural, subtle changes in your appearance, we will probably advise you to use Sculptra Aesthetic. Since your improvements will be gradual, your friends and family members are unlikely to realize that you’ve received this injectable treatment. Instead, they might think that you are using a new beauty routine to improve your skin.

What Type of Cosmetic Issues Can These Products Improve?

These injectable products can be used to improve your face, neck, and hands. For example, we can use Radiesse to correct wrinkles and lines on your face and chin. This product is especially good at smoothing smile lines that have developed around your nose. In addition, this powerful filler can remove deep wrinkles in your neck and add more volume to your hands.

We can use Sculptra Aesthetic to increase the volume in your temples and cheeks and fill in deep lines around your nose and mouth. This long-lasting filler can also be used to fix wrinkles on the chest, neck, and chin.

How Will These Injectable Products Enhance My Appearance?

Each of these products will use a unique set of ingredients to renew your skin and improve your appearance.


This injectable is a collagen stimulator that will renew your appearance by helping your skin generate new protein fibers. This unique product contains very small spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite. These spheres will be suspended in a special gel. As soon as we complete your injections, this filler will give your tissues a youthful, attractive volume.

In addition to producing quick improvements in your skin, this product will help you make new collagen fibers. This is a gradual, steady process that can take a couple of weeks to complete. These structural proteins will diminish your wrinkles and give you a more youthful appearance.

Sculptra Aesthetic

Sculptra Aesthetic will use a different method to stimulate your collagen production. This filler contains a special ingredient that is known as poly-L-lactic acid. This acid has been used to produce dissolvable sutures, sealants, and other products. After you receive your treatments, the amount of collagen in your tissues will gradually increase, and your skin will become smoother and fuller.

What Should I Expect During the Injection Process?

Before we provide your treatment, we will have a personalized consultation with you. We will look at the areas that you would like to improve and talk about the wrinkles, volume loss, and other age-related changes that are bothering you. At this time, you will need to tell us about any infections, allergies, or other health problems that you are experiencing.

If we have determined that you are a good candidate for one of our collagen-stimulating products, we will gently cleanse your target area. It will take us a very short period of time to administer your injections. Since the injection process will be easy and quick, you can get up and exit our office after we complete your treatment. At this time, you will be able to drive to your job, home, or other destination.

Will I Need to Follow Specific Rules After I Receive My Injections?

If you used Radiesse to improve your appearance, we may instruct you to use an ice pack to help your tissues recover from your treatment. In addition, we will advise you to take it easy and avoid strong sunlight for about 24 hours. Although there’s no need for you to stay home from work, you shouldn’t take a very intense exercise class, go running, or engage in other challenging activities during this time.

If you received injections of Sculptra Aesthetic, you will need to massage the tissues in your treatment area. During the next five days, you should massage your skin five times every day. Each of your massages should last for five minutes. These massages will help the injectable product distribute through your tissues in an even, attractive fashion. You will also need to avoid getting too much sun or using a tanning bed for the next seven days.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

If you use Radiesse to improve your skin, you will probably receive one treatment. The effect of your initial set of injections is likely to last for about 12 months. After this time has passed, you will be able to maintain full, smooth skin by getting another treatment.

If you use Sculptra Aesthetic to enhance your tissues, you will probably need to receive three injection sessions at the beginning of your treatment plan. We will be likely to use two vials of this product during each of your appointments. After we have achieved your cosmetic objectives, your improvements will probably last for two to three years.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for These Injectable Products?

If you are an adult who wants to correct wrinkles or volume loss, you will probably be an ideal candidate for these products. These anti-aging treatments will not require you to go to the hospital, use general anesthesia, or receive stitches. In addition, you will not need to get blood work before you use either of these treatments.

However, you will need to tell us about any sensitivities, allergies, skin problems, scarring issues, and other health challenges that you have. Further, you should tell us if you have a bleeding disorder or had an adverse reaction to any injectable product in the past. This information will help us decide whether you are a good candidate for these long-lasting products.

Can I Use Other Types of Injectables to Fix My Aesthetic Issues?

We offer many other types of injectable treatments at MD Beauty Labs. These products can be used to correct your fine lines and other aesthetic challenges.

Hyaluronic Acid-Based Products

We offer several fillers that contain a sugar called hyaluronic acid. Some of these flexible fillers are very good at adding natural-looking volume to mobile areas of your face. For example, you can use Juvederm Volbella to temporarily increase the amount of volume in your lips. Since this product contains a numbing agent called lidocaine, your injections will be very comfortable.

We can also use our hyaluronic acid-based fillers to fill in lines and plump other areas of your face. For example, Juvederm Voluma is a powerful product that is used to give cheeks a lifted, fuller look. This firm filler is likely to plump your cheeks for several years.


Kybella is a unique injectable that can be used to permanently change the appearance of your chin and jawline. This product contains a substance called deoxycholic acid. Your digestive system uses this type of acid to absorb and process fat. When we administer this product into your chin, this substance will destroy some of the extra fat cells in this location.

Receiving Kybella treatments is an ideal way to remove a double chin that you haven’t been able to reduce by eating better and exercising more. The deoxycholic acid in this injectable will permanently eliminate some of your unwanted fat cells, and you won’t be required to receive follow-up injections or other beauty treatments once you complete your initial treatment plan.


Our neuromodulators are some of our most popular injectable treatments. These products work by improving the interactions between your nerves and muscles. Once you receive your injections, your nerves will temporarily stop sending signals to some of the muscles in your target area. Over time, your muscles will stop making the movements that cause your skin to fold and crease.

We can use Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and other products to fix some of the lines that appear on the upper areas of your face. For example, we can use our neuromodulators to smooth the horizontal wrinkles that appear on your forehead. In addition, we can correct the vertical lines that develop between your eyebrows.

Renew Your Skin

Receiving an injectable treatment is an easy way to correct the age-related changes in your skin. We can use Sculptra Aesthetic and other injectable treatments to improve your collagen levels, restore youthful volume to your tissues, and achieve many other cosmetic goals. To learn more about our wide range of long-lasting injectables, contact us at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Florida to schedule an initial treatment.

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