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Curious about how celebrities manage to look so picture-perfect? Well, one of their outstanding non-surgical beauty secrets is oxygen facial treatments. This treatment is unique because it uses pressed oxygen to deliver healthy nutrients to the skin quickly and effectively. The oxygen cools and calms the skin as it intakes a serum made of helpful ingredients. Read on to discover how oxygen facials can revolutionize your face and why you may want to get one done.

Speeds Cell Turnover

An oxygen facial increases the metabolic activities beneath the skin to encourage the healing process. Thus, it helps to fade sunspots, blemishes and acne scars naturally to leave your skin free of flaws.

Promotes Collagen Production

The light therapy together with the oxygen can boost the production of collagen. This ensures that any signs of aging are minimized since the firmness and volume that could have been lost are instantly restored.

No Side Effects

Unlike most facial treatments, oxygen facials do not exhibit any side effects like redness or stinging. The delivery of nutrients and oxygen is very gentle, such that a person with the most sensitive skin can hardly react to it. You can carry on with your other activities right away, and you won’t be forbidden from applying your makeup immediately.

Natural Blush

An oxygen facial treatment bestows a dull-looking face with a natural blush of oxygen, which increases blood circulation to every cell in your facial tissues. The quality of your epidermis layer improves instantly, and the results become visible on your face.


This facial enhances overall hydration to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Oxygen facial treatments also eliminate uneven skin tone to brighten it up, allowing the skin to appear more luminous. It can calm your acne breakouts as well.

Believe us, the celebrities you see looking perfect on the red carpet experience similar skin challenges as you. Just a single oxygen facial session is typically enough for them to rock an event with flawless skin. Don’t you think your face deserves this therapy as well? Talk to our experts at MD Beauty Labs, with locations in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. Contact us today to book your consultation!

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