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As the body ages, it undergoes natural processes that can lead to the overall degradation of the body. By trying to supplement the body with the hormones it loses as the result of these changes, it’s possible to live a longer, happier and healthier life.

BioTE® hormone replacement therapy is one of the more effective and safe ways to optimize hormone levels within the body. This can help with everything from regaining energy to helping to prevent age-related illnesses.

What is BioTE® Therapy?

BioTE® therapy is a type of hormone replacement therapy designed to use pellets derived from natural plant sources. These pellets are implanted beneath the skin, which in turn allow for them to slowly release a desirable amount of hormones over a prolonged period of time.

In contrast to generic hormone replacement therapy, there is no flooding of hormones within the system. This minimizes the risk of undesirable side effects, which include hot flashes, while maximizing the benefits of undertaking this therapy.

How Does BioTE® Hormone Replacement Work?

BioTE® therapy is a natural source of hormone therapy. It delivers the benefits of hormone therapy without the many drawbacks that synthetic hormones have. The subdermal nature of these pellets allows for the body to slowly break them down. The broken down particles are absorbed into the blood, which in turn allows the body to transport them like they would any other chemical.

The rate of absorption is limited by the pellets themselves and the way the body will absorb these nutrients. This allows for a safer absorption of these hormones when compared to synthetic hormones.

What Benefits Do BioTE® Pellets Bring?

Safety is one of the largest benefits of BioTE® therapy. The natural origin of these hormones coupled with the slow absorption rate helps to minimize the risk of complications. This makes this therapy ideal for everyone from mostly healthy individuals to aging individuals with a number of age-related conditions.

Another benefit of BioTE® hormone replacement is the fact that it can help to restore energy in an aging individual. This energy can take the form of muscular endurance, the energy required for prolonged cardiovascular activities or sexual drive.

The last major benefit of BioTE® pellet therapy is the way that it can help to resolve many of the symptoms of hormone imbalances. Side effects like hot flashes and erectile dysfunction can be corrected by balancing the hormones in a person’s body.

Hormone Problems Require Swift Attention

The same problems that these imbalances can cause can also be the reason for further imbalances to occur, which is why they tend to become more imbalanced as a person ages. Swift treatment is the best way to correct age-related hormone imbalances and the symptoms that these imbalances can bring.

BioTE® hormone replacement therapy at MD Beauty Labs in Palm Beach offers a safe and effective way to supplement the hormones that a person’s body may be unable to produce alone. To learn more about this therapy, schedule a consultation at our office. We can evaluate your body’s unique needs before matching you with the most advanced and safest age-related treatments. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for BioTE® hormone replacement.

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