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Harsh chemicals, drying agents and other concoctions equivalent to the “smoke and mirrors” in a magician’s act seem to prevail within the realm of skin care. These may have little to no effect on your skin or may provide a temporary boost in your skin’s clarity while causing chronic problems in the near future.

This has led patients and doctors alike to look for new, more effective ways of treating the age-old problems that plague the skin. Everything from alternative ways to clean the skin to methods that nourish and revitalize the skin have been researched by dermatologists and skin care professionals.

Italian Therabrasion represents one of the single most versatile and effective treatments designed to be gentle on your skin. This treatment encompasses several unique elements designed to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

What is Italian Therabrasion?

Italian Therabrasion is a world-class treatment designed to prepare, treat and nourish the skin. It includes a number of unique steps designed to fulfill as many of the skin’s needs as possible, which in turn helps to improve both the appearance and texture of skin.

The steps in Italian Therabrasion include:

  • Facial Cleansing – Dirt, dead skin cells, oil and makeup are removed during this step. Contaminants that could hinder the function of the skin and impair nutrient absorption are removed, which leads to a dramatic improvement in the quality of the skin.
  • Mapping the Skin – The face’s needs are mapped for the proceeding step. This helps to ensure crystals of the most accurate sizes are chosen for the right areas of the face.
  • Ruby Microdermabrasion – Ruby crystals act like tiny scalpels when they are crushed and applied to the skin. This allows for a gentle, safe and chemical-free microdermabrasion designed to remove undesirable cells and particles.
  • Acid Skin Resurfacing – One of the most important steps of Italian Therabrasion involves using a variety of acids to penetrate and treat the skin. Undesirable skin cells, such as those experiencing rosacea or hyperpigmentation, are removed by this process while the pores are opened to be more receptive to nutrients.
  • Skin Nourishment – Once the skin has been adequately prepared, the next step is to supply it with the nutrients it needs. Italian Therabrasion accomplishes this by hydrating the skin, reducing inflammation and supplying antioxidants for heightened skin protection.
  • Vasoconstricting and Toning – The last major step is to minimize blood vessels while shrinking the pores. The vasoconstricting and toning mask of this step helps to accomplish this while sealing nutrients into the skin.

Treat Your Skin with Italian Therabrasion

This treatment represents the pinnacle of skin rejuvenation. It fulfills the many needs of the skin without using harsh chemicals, unnatural products or substances that may ultimately do more harm than good.

If you’re ready to treat your skin right with Italian Therabrasion, visit MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach. We can evaluate your unique needs to provide you with a personalized treatment plan designed to restore beauty to your face. You can also take your beauty routine to the next level at Dr. Dadurian’s Bioage MD in Palm Beach, offering services ranging from injectables to weight loss solutions. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for Italian Therabrasion.

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