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Having a low testosterone level is commonly known to be connected with a low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. Men who have low testosterone levels also complain about not having enough energy to do the things they need to do. Testosterone is also closely connected to so much more concerning the body and mind.

There are many causes of prematurely low testosterone levels in men. Sometimes it can be because of an injury or an infection in the testicles. Other times, it can be genetic or linked to a former or existing illness. Prostate cancer is also linked to low testosterone levels.

Physical Benefits of Testosterone Replacement

If testosterone levels are low in our male patients, our doctor will make arrangements for testosterone replacement therapy. Often times, the testosterone will be introduced through skin patches, gels or injections.

Increased testosterone in the male body can lead to more muscle mass over time, especially if the patient exercises. There is often a noticeable increase in energy levels as well.

Sometimes low testosterone levels can lead to insomnia, the inability to sleep. With enough testosterone in the body, regular sleep patterns can be achieved after consistent treatment.

Since testosterone is closely associated with the sex drive and a general feeling of well-being, it’s offered to men suffering from the problem. In the cases of erectile dysfunction where low testosterone production is the root of the problem, testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to improve the patient’s condition.

Mental Benefits of Testosterone Replacement

It’s already been stated that testosterone can contribute to a feeling of well-being for men. However, most are not aware of how connected testosterone is to emotional health and self-confidence. Low testosterone levels might very well lead to feelings of low self-esteem in men. Confidence levels tend to decrease significantly when testosterone production begins to decline.

Low testosterone levels have even been linked to clinical depression in men. Testosterone replacement therapy can help increase a man’s power of concentration and motivation to stay on task until the job is done.

Things to Remember

It’s important to differentiate testosterone replacement from the use of steroids for energy and muscle building. They are not the same thing. The doses of testosterone used in replacement therapy are only designed to bring the levels of testosterone in the blood back to natural levels. The testosterone levels used in anabolic steroids are unnaturally and illegally higher than the natural levels.

Testosterone replacement therapy should only be used by men who have clinically low testosterone levels. It should not be used in cases when lower testosterone levels are due to the natural process of growing old. Schedule an appointment at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach in order to determine if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

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