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Acne is one of the more irritating skin conditions. Not only can it make your skin look and feel less than perfect, but it can also be next to impossible to treat. Some people have tried hundreds of treatments, but all they have are the acne scars to show from their condition. Others have to deal with the irritation and pain that treatments can bring because of their skin condition.

The good news is that there is hope. Photodynamic treatment promises a safe way to remedy your acne without causing your skin to become any more irritated than it already is.

How Does Photodynamic Treatment Work?

Photodynamic therapy works by utilizing a special light-activated solution. This solution interacts with the material that tends to clog structures of the face like the pores. It breaks down these clogs and allows the skin to remain free of acne symptoms. The difference between photodynamic therapy and other therapies concerns the way it works. It utilizes a special chemical that interacts with bacteria and oil, which allows the treatment to penetrate far deeper and more effectively than other treatments could.

Unlike other treatments, there are no harsh chemicals that will irritate the skin. Photodynamic therapy causes less stress on the skin, which then allows for a more successful treatment rate when acne is involved. Another effect of photodynamic therapy is that certain solutions and lights can shrink the sebaceous glands. This can result in an overall reduction in acne that can last six months to two years. Troublesome episodes of acne may be gone for a considerable amount of time.

What Else can Photodynamic Therapy Treat?

Photodynamic treatments may be able to help with numerous other skin conditions given the way that it interacts with the skin. It can help clear blemishes, prevent, treat and remove pimples, as well as treat other imperfections in the skin. Certain types of photodynamic therapy have been approved for other uses.

Is Photodynamic Treatment Right For You?

The most important thing to understand about photodynamic treatments is that there are different types of photodynamic treatments. They may utilize different solutions, different types and intensities of light, or both. The effectiveness of photodynamic treatment will vary on a case-by-case basis. The type of therapy, the skill of the person applying it, and your unique biochemistry are factors that can influence how successful your treatments are.

Photodynamic treatments do provide for a pain- and irritation-free way of removing acne from your skin. This treatment can last a considerable amount of time in certain patients, which means that it can be both a long- and short-term treatment for troublesome acne.

If you are ready to try photodynamic treatment, our team of doctors and highly trained staff at MD Beauty Labs will be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. You may be surprised at how wonderful the results look and feel.

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