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When your skin ages, it needs different things than it did in the past. Some people change their makeup and use more sunscreen as well as other elements to prevent their skin from further damage, which can show aging more. Sometimes as you age, your skin also needs some help moisturizing itself because it needs to be hydrated on a regular basis if you want it to look healthy and fight aging appearances. There are aggressive treatments like fractional resurfacing and chemical peels, but that might be more than you need. In the meantime, you may only need a moisturizing facial to fight the signs of aging.

A HydraFacial is a treatment option that is specifically designed to hydrate your skin. The multi-step treatment combines different levels of skin care to rejuvenate your skin and reveal healthier younger-looking skin. The four-step process in a standard HydraFacial treatment includes cleansing, a peel, extraction, and infusion. Together, these four mini-treatments work to clean and exfoliate the skin, ridding it of impurities at the cellular level.

In addition to rejuvenating your skin, a HydraFacial can also combat many other skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, large pores, hyperpigmentation, photo damage, uneven skin tone, loose skin and more. A HydraFacial combines the skin rejuvenating effects of many different cosmetic treatments into one.

Our HydraFacial treatments are safe for all skin types and are gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Our medical team will work with you prior to your treatment to determine the best combination of ingredients for your skin. Following your HydraFacial, we offer medical grade skin care products to help you maintain your results.

If you start HydraFacial treatments early enough in the aging process, you can keep your skin young and fresh as well as avoid aggressive and more expensive treatments in the future.

If you want to look into the value of the facials, set up a consultation and ask questions about their effectiveness. At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, we offer a variety of skin care treatments that can help minimize signs of aging and restore your glowing, radiant complexion. In addition to HydraFacial treatments, we offer acne treatment, body treatments, injectables and fillers, and even weight loss solutions. During your consultation, Dr. Daniela Dadurian can assess your aesthetic concerns and determine the safest and most effective treatments for your needs. Contact MD Beauty Labs today to learn more.

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