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Acne exists as one of the most prevalent dermatological conditions in the world. It affects millions of people between the ages of 15 to 40. There are many problems presented by acne. It is painful, irritating and potentially disfiguring. One outbreak can lead to permanent scars that reside upon the face for the rest of a person’s life. These problems are compounded by the fact that acne has multiple causes, some of which may be especially difficult to treat.

Photodynamic therapy represents one of the more successful ways to treat acne. It focuses on utilizing light to sooth the sebaceous glands, and to lower the number of bacteria present within the pores of the skin.

What is Photodynamic therapy for Acne Treatment?

Photodynamic therapy has two components:

  1. Light of a special wavelength designed to transfer energy to cells related to acne
  2. A special photosensitizing agent that allows key cells to be activated by the light

The photosensitizing agent is applied and left to bind to the target cells involved with acne infections. The light is then applied to the skin, which in turn allows for a harmless transfer of energy to the target cells.

Once these cells receive the energy, they will do one of the following things:

  1. In the case of bacteria and contaminants, these cells will be destroyed. The excess energy causes these cells to break down.
  2. In the case of favorable biological cells like sebaceous glands, the energy will have a soothing effect. This can reduce inflammation, which in turn can mitigate the damage that an acne outbreak would cause.

The combination of these two elements allows photodynamic therapy to eliminate resistant acne outbreaks that would otherwise cause a large amount of damage. It can also be essential in minimizing the number of future outbreaks.

Why Should You Consider Photodynamic Therapy?

The biggest advantage of photodynamic therapy is the versatility it employs. It can effectively treat the symptoms and causes of acne without the need for surgery, harmful procedures or even abrasive techniques that could potentially worsen acne inflammation.

Another reason to choose photodynamic therapy revolves around the convenience and brevity of treatments. Each treatment can be completed in about 30 to 60 minutes. This allows you to seek treatment without completely halting your life.

Another reason patients choose photodynamic therapy involves the soothing effect it can have on the sebaceous glands, which are the structures responsible for most of the inflammation in an outbreak. Photodynamic therapy can decrease this inflammation without damaging the nearby skin cells.

The last reason to choose photodynamic therapy pertains to the way it can help treat instances of moderate and severe acne. These cases often have underlying nodules and pockets of pus, which can be both painful and detrimental to your appearance. Photodynamic therapy works to break down these undesirable structures so the body can naturally heal them.

Is Photodynamic Therapy Ideal for Treating Your Acne?

The best way to determine how effective photodynamic therapy will be as an acne treatment is to seek the expertise of a professional at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach. We can evaluate the condition of your skin while using our dermatological expertise to determine the most effective means of treating your acne. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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