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Your body needs a certain amount of nutrients to ensure that it can sustain itself. A lack of these nutrients can hinder healing, cause hormone balance issues and lead to degenerative diseases, like diabetes and liver disease. The way most people get their vitamins is through the foods they eat. This method of nutrient acquisition may, however, be insufficient as different foods have varying amounts of vitamins.

This leaves two other ways to acquire your daily dose of vitamins: oral and intravenous vitamin supplements. By understanding the difference between IV vitamin therapy and oral vitamin supplements, you may be better able to supply your body with the vitamins it needs to remain strong and healthy.

Oral Vitamin Supplements: The Age-Old Method of Acquiring Vitamins

Oral supplements have been the more popular form of acquiring vitamin supplements. They became common among consumers due to the fact that you only had to take one or two supplements each day to acquire many of the nutrients that you might need. While this system is great for delivering vitamins that are more resilient, such as iron or magnesium, it is not the best for organic vitamins.

The reason for this revolves around the way stomach acid tends to degrade vitamins as the supplements are digested. This can make organic chemicals significantly less effective, and could potentially cause undesirable interactions.

Another drawback of oral supplements is the fact that they tend to come in standardized amounts. There is no precise measurement, which in turn means that it is possible for you to receive a larger or smaller amount of vitamins than your body needs.

IV Vitamin Therapy: A More Precise Way to Receive Nutrients

Intravenous vitamin supplements offer a way to directly introduce vitamins into the body. This skips the process of digestion, which in turn means that more delicate vitamins can enter the body without degradation from the digestive process.

Vitamins, for example, responsible for detoxifying the blood tend to fall into the category of delicate nutrients. By opting for IV vitamin therapy, you can better control how much of these nutrients successfully enter your body, which in turn allows you to better measure their benefits.

Another advantage of IV vitamin therapy is the fact that nutrients do not need to go through the digestive tract for absorption. This means that the vitamins are delivered at once rather than over the period of hours to days. This allows them to become available for the body to use at a faster rate.

Yet another benefit of IV vitamin therapy is that it is performed by an experienced medical professional, which means that you are sure to get the proper amount of vitamins while also having professional supervision. The intravenous delivery can also usually be accomplished in a short time.

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