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Meditation is synonymous with yoga, and while the two practices are quite complementary to each other, it doesn’t mean they have to go hand-in-hand. Even if you have no desire to practice yoga, a sitting meditation practice can be incredibly beneficial inside and out.

Stress Reduction

Perhaps the most recognized benefit of meditation is its innate ability to reduce your stress. There is an endless amount of research backing up meditation’s effects on stress reduction, and since stress is a component in many dangerous diseases (heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, etc.), the importance of eliminating or at least reducing stress is becoming a priority in the healthcare field.

A study performed by the University of Wisconsin showed that meditation increased the electrical activity in the left frontal lobe of the brain, the portion of the brain that’s responsible for motor function, initiation, judgment and social/sexual behavior.

Increases Fertility

Meditation won’t cure infertility, but it is able to help improve the fertility of women who aren’t experiencing any significant fertility problems requiring the treatment of a doctor. A University of Western Australia study showed that women are more likely to conceive when they’re relaxed. A Turkish study agreed that chronic stress also plays a part in men’s fertility, reducing sperm count and motility.

Reduction in Inflammation

Stress significantly contributes to the body’s inflammation process, and inflammation contributes to diseases such as arthritis, asthma, and even certain skin diseases. Since sitting meditation helps turn down the stress response, it reduces the body’s inflammatory response to being chronically stressed. Canadian research showed that people with psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease, saw a noticeable reduction in symptoms with a regular meditation practice.

Better Immunity

Ohio State University researchers discovered that muscle relaxation techniques, such as sitting meditation, reduced the recurrence of breast cancer. Another study performed by Ohio State showed that elderly patients had a higher number of “killer cells”, which made them more resistant to tumors and viruses.

Decreases Depression

A Belgian study concluded that people who follow a mindfulness program like meditation reported fewer incidences of depression, anxiety and stress. Students who participated in this study were far less likely to develop significant symptoms of depression.

A University of California study reported that patients with a history of depression who maintained a regular meditation practice had fewer moments of ruminative or dysfunctional thinking. While meditation isn’t suitable as a singular treatment for depression, it is very complementary with prescription and behavioral therapies.

Improve Your Overall Health Today

Sitting meditation is truly a head-to-toe practice. It’s amazing how many of our health problems stem from anxiety, depression or stress, and it’s even more amazing how many of our health problems disappear when mindful living is practiced.

At MD Beauty Labs and Bioage MD in West Palm Beach, we offer sitting meditation classes as just one of our holistic health treatments. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about how sitting meditation can benefit you.

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