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Many women struggle with cellulite. Even women who are at a relatively healthy weight can deal with this unwanted condition. It is interesting that when you look at artwork from the Victorian age, cellulite was associated with attractiveness or with someone who had a prosperous life. While having cellulite was not something that was encouraged, it was not something that was seen negatively.

How times have changed. Even though medical professionals note that upwards of 95 percent of women battle with cellulite, most are ashamed to admit they have it, and they are even more shocked when they see other people proudly display it. If cellulite affects the way that you feel about yourself, if it makes you feel unattractive, if it lowers your self-esteem or if it affects your ability to go out in public in a bathing suit or in shorts, then you should consider your options for cellulite reduction. We are proud to offer two different safe and effective treatments at our office.

It is good to note again that cellulite can affect anyone regardless of the amount of fat they have on their body. Cellulite is formed when band-like structures underneath your skin become loose, allowing the fat in your body to poke through the bands and create the ripple effect that is associated with cellulite. While it may be more prominent in an individual who is obese, an individual who is thin and in good shape can also have cellulite.

Weight loss alone is not enough to remove cellulite, especially if you have had cellulite for an extended period of time. Cellulite reduction has a lot to do with improving the strength of the bands underneath your skin and improving your skin’s ability to bounce back to its previous and pre-cellulite condition.

Some of the more popular cellulite reduction treatments include laser treatments. Certain devices can use laser energy to melt fat. At the same time, these lasers stimulate collagen production and strengthen the fibrous bands that exist underneath the skin that lead to cellulite.

Another popular cellulite reduction treatment involves the use of Multipolar Radio Frequency, Magnetic Pulse Therapy and VariPulse. This is a cellulite removing technique that is completely non-invasive and comfortable.

If you want to achieve smoother skin and be free of cellulite, make an appointment at MD Beauty Labs to learn more about your options for cellulite reduction. Contact our West Palm Beach office today to book a consultation.

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