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Trying to turn back the aging clock, when it comes to facial skin rejuvenation, can lead to frustration if the wrong treatment method is chosen. BOTOX® injections at West Palm Beach doesn’t involve any sort of facial reconstruction or the introduction of peel acids. It also doesn’t plump the skin and underlying tissues, so there’s no risk of uneven skin surface or bumping. The procedure is medically-approved and is effective at smoothing the skin surface simply by relaxing the nerves that control facial muscle contraction.

BOTOX® Can Make You Look Years Younger

This is accomplished through the injection of the BOTOX® fluid. The fluid contains a purified protein that interferes with nerve action. The result is more relaxed facial muscles that still allow you to smile and frown without developing wrinkles. The facial skin remains taut because the relaxed muscles don’t pull the skin in one direction or another.

A decrease in the amount of collagen production during the mature adult years can result in more brittle skin. These dynamic wrinkles are far less visible if the skin remains taut. BOTOX® accomplishes this in a very effective way.

About the Treatment Procedure

Our clients often ask about how BOTOX® works and if they need to pursue any sort of pre-treatment regimen. The answer is no. All that is required is a consultation, during which we will examine the facial skin and ask the client to perform certain facial movements. In this way, suitable injection sites are located and then the injection treatment begins. The procedure uses a purified protein solution that is completely safe.

After the Treatment

It will take about three to ten days for the BOTOX® to take full effect. What is most noticeable, however, is the disappearance of dynamic wrinkles. The muscles in the face remain relaxed, and the skin remains taut.

Results usually last for about three to four months, after which the treatment will have to be repeated for ongoing benefits. The facial muscles get used to being relaxed, so less and less of the BOTOX® fluid is needed for subsequent treatments.

You can indeed look years younger with BOTOX® treatments, and you don’t have to undergo surgical procedures or harsh skin resurfacing treatment sessions. Contact us today at MD Beauty Labs in our West Palm Beach location to learn more about how the procedure can take years off of your appearance!

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