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Many dermatological treatments rely upon harsh chemicals and artificial substances to treat your skin. While this approach may be necessary in some cases, many patients are better suited by a natural treatment that gently treats their skin.

Italian Therabrasion is one of the few treatments designed to nourish your skin without using harsh solvents or other potentially damaging substances. This organic treatment can help with everything from acne to rosacea while revitalizing your skin.

Italian Therabrasion: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Most dermatological treatments are not designed to be used regularly. Many can have adverse reactions on skin as even gentle chemical peels may promote things like dry skin if used too often.

Italian Therabrasion was developed to address the regular needs of skin. It helps to maintain, nourish and rejuvenate skin by taking a multi-faceted approach to replenishing your skin. It utilizes organic chemicals designed to be applied topically.

This treatment consists of seven steps: cleansing, mapping, microdermabrasion, therapeutic acid skin resurfacing, nutrient application, vasoconstricting and toning, and applying lycopene cream.

Preparing the Face

The first four steps of Italian Therabrasion deal with cleansing and preparing the face. These steps help open the skin up, increasing the amount of nutrients that the skin can take.

A facial cleanser is first applied to the face. This removes makeup, oil and any other superficial contaminants that may interfere with the proceeding steps.

Mapping is the next step. Tiny ruby crystals are applied to prepare the surface to prepare for the next part of the process.

The microdermabrasion step applies increasing amounts of ruby crystals to your face. These gently remove loose and dead skin cells while increasing the ability of your skin to absorb the nutrients that will be applied.

The last step in the preparation process is the therapeutic acid skin resurfacing. Three gentle acids are used to remove dead skin cells from the outermost layer of the skin. Conditions like rosacea and scarring may be treated by the resurfacing.

Nourishing the Skin

The last three steps involve nourishing the prepared skin. A nourishing cream containing a special formula of nutrients designed to help repair and nourish the skin is applied. This adds vitamins, hydrates the skin, soothes it, and protects it by adding antioxidants.

The next step concerns vasoconstricting and toning the skin by using a mask. This can reduce redness and swelling while further protecting the skin.

The last step is to apply a special formula of face cream that uses lycopene. This helps to protect the skin from the harmful sunrays and other free radicals that exist in the environment. The lycopene face cream ensures that your skin stays protected while helping to further rejuvenate your skin.

Naturally Revitalizing Your Face

Few treatments are as gentle and effective as Italian Therabrasion. This unique treatment helps to repair, replenish and rejuvenate your skin while removing damaged cells from your face.

To learn more about Italian Therabrasion, or to find out more about the treatments we offer, contact MD Beauty Labs today.

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