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It’s time to meet your best friend this summer: the HydraFacial®. If you’ve been searching high and low for the ideal summertime facial treatment, then here it is! The HydraFacial® is one of this season’s favorite facial treatments. It gives your complexion everything that it wants and needs, from supremely gentle exfoliation to a powerful boost of antioxidants. A radiant glow? Check. Incredibly hydrating? Check. Instant readiness for photographs? Check again! While there are plenty of reasons why your summer skin care routine should include this fabulous facial, we’ve listed just a few of our favorite benefits of this fantastic treatment.

It Infuses the Skin with a Variety of Nourishing Peptides and Antioxidants

Environmental factors that inevitably go hand-in-hand with the summertime, such as intense heat and a high UV index, can damage and weaken our complexions. Other factors, like slathering our skin with sunscreen every day, and sweating more than usual, can leave our skin in desperate need of replenishment, rejuvenation, and decongestion. The HydraFacial® boosts your skin with a plethora of effective infusions and serums, which are tailored to meet your unique skin care wants and needs.

The HydraFacial Provides Your Skin with Truly Gentle Exfoliation

There are so many ways that our skin can suffer during the hottest, brightest season of the year, whether it’s through excessive sweat or congestion from skin-clogging sunblock. It’s absolutely crucial that we regularly exfoliate our skin in the summer. Unfortunately, too much exfoliation can leave our skin even more sensitive to UV rays and skin irritants. The HydraFacial® offers our complexion the exfoliation that it needs, but it utilizes gentle techniques.

No Downtime and Near-Instant Results

We all want to look our most Instagram-perfect for our summer vacations, which often means cramming in as many beauty treatments as possible in the days preceding our trip. The beauty of the HydraFacial® is that it will get you instantly ready for that summer vacation.

Keep in mind that tons of celebrities are loving the awesome effects of the HydraFacial® as well. Contact us today at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach to schedule a consultation for this amazing treatment!

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