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Here at MD Beauty Labs, we are proud to offer BLU-U Acne Therapy. BLU-U is a form of light therapy used to treat moderately inflamed acne. Approved by the FDA, BLU-U destroys harmful micro-organisms in your skin. It is not a medicine, and it is perfect for anyone with moderate acne that does not respond to more traditional treatment methods. You may want to consider using BLU-U light therapy to get glowing skin when your condition won’t subside via your own at-home efforts.

Adult Acne

Anyone who has suffered from acne knows just how stigmatizing it can be. Especially for adult patients, acne can lower one’s confidence and even quality of life. Makeup is a temporary solution, but it still will not conceal the most aggressive blemishes. There are many products that claim to get your acne to subside, but they do not always work for all cases. BLU-U light therapy can treat stubborn acne when other treatments fail to work.

Moderate Acne

Mild cases of acne can often be treated by other-the-counter products. Some moderate cases can find relief from the drug store, too. When all hope is lost, medication might even be considered to treat acne. Medications can come with undesirable side effects. Since BLU-U light therapy is not a medication, it does not come with the same side effects as a regular prescription. When combined with other treatments, BLU-U light therapy can help you achieve brighter, clearer skin without unnecessary side effects.

After Trying Everything

If topical creams do not work, and the idea of oral medication is far from appealing, consider acne treatment with our professionals at MD Beauty Labs. Should BLU-U light therapy not be enough to control your acne, we also offer other treatment options, such as photodynamic therapy, chemical peels, and medical-grade products. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in West Palm Beach or Palm Beach.

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