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No matter the age, women often experience changes in vaginal wellness that affects their quality of life in a number of unwelcome ways. Until recently, their only option to correct vaginal problems was with invasive surgery that required a fair amount of downtime. MD Beauty Labs of Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, Florida wants you to know we can offer a better way. Our CO2RE Intima procedure is a non-surgical, in-office procedure that delivers controlled CO2 energy to the vulva or vaginal tissue, enabling cells to make more collagen while improving texture, skin tone, and appearance.

Is CO2RE Vaginal Rejuvenation Right for Me?

Researchers designed CO2RE Intima for women who are experiencing a noticeable change in their gynecologic health. Women who want to reverse the signs of childbearing or desire to enhance sexual function can benefit from CO2RE Intima. It is also valuable for women who desire to improve their overall genital appearance. Many women in Florida and elsewhere seek vaginal cosmetic improvement because they want more confidence in their feminine health.

Is the CO2RE Intima Treatment Safe?

These treatments are safe and effective with little to no discomfort. With that being said, having, an experienced healthcare professional whom you can trust perform the procedure is essential.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

CO2RE Intima is a simple, quick, and safe procedure that can be done in the office comfort of our office in West Palm Beach or Palm Beach. The procedure requires no anesthesia and typically takes just minutes to carry out.

How Can I Get Started?

Simply set up a time to talk to the experts at MD Beauty Labs, with offices located in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, so that you can learn more information about vaginal rejuvenation in Florida. Contact us today to book your consultation.

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