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Waking in the night covered with sweat, feeling pain in the bones, and sensing that age is catching up with you are all unpleasant experiences. However, as a woman in or near middle age, these symptoms are likely to visit you at some point. Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment regimen that is used for women going through menopause. At MD Beauty Labs, we use Biote Hormone Replacement pellets to help get your body back on track, but when you should start treatment varies from patient to patient.

When the Signs of Menopause Appear

Usually, women begin to undergo hormone replacement therapy when they start to deal with menopause. Hormone replacement therapy is not the only treatment option available for this period, but it is growing into a more popular one again. The specific signs of menopause and the intensity at which they appear vary from woman-to-woman. However, the cessation of the menstrual cycle is another sign. Many women awaken to hot flashes in the middle of the night, and others will experience some symptoms that they might if they were pregnant.

When Osteoporosis Emerges

Other women decide to take hormone replacement therapy to aid with their osteoporosis, and this treatment option can prove quite effective in this case as well. Osteoporosis has to do with bone density. As people age, their bones are sometimes not as strong as they once were. This condition can result in pain and overall weaknesses, and women who are aging represent the largest population who experience this problem. Undergoing hormone replacement therapy is a way to restore strength and vitality to the body and to feel years younger again.

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Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment plan can change the way that people look at the world. It gives them the ability to feel a greater sense of power in their bodies and to overcome the physical obstacles they are currently facing. If you are ready to overcome the side effects that come with the natural aging process, MD Beauty Labs can help.

At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, we offer different functional medicine options to help men and women feel their best. Before undergoing hormone replacement therapy, women need to find out if they are the right candidate for the treatment plan. Doctor Daniela Dadurian works with each patient individually to determine the safest and most effective options for his or her needs. Contact MD Beauty Labs today to schedule your consultation.

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