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Although completely normal and definitely not a disease, cellulite rarely puts a smile on the face. It’s hard to get rid of and sometimes even harder to accept. At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, FL, we understand your frustration and are eager to share a new treatment option with you: QWO, easily injected into the treatment site and proven to be effective.

What Is QWO?

This injectable is known as a “shot for cellulite.” Formulated with liquid collagenase, it is the first-ever injectable to earn FDA approval for the treatment of cellulite in women. Years have in fact passed since a new cellulite treatment received a nod from the government for safety and efficacy, which explains why this therapy is on the lips of so many ladies.

Liquid collagenase is an enzyme that helps heal common skin concerns like burns and ulcers. It works by breaking down and remodeling collagen; it also destroys and removes dead skin to make room for fresh, healthy cells.

A Discussion on Cellulite

You already know cellulite changes the texture and appearance of your skin, creating lumps that mimic cottage cheese or orange peels. Up to 95% of women will experience cellulite at some point regardless of their weight, and although men can also develop this concern, it’s much more common in women.

Cellulite appears as skin dimples around pockets of fat. It is not caused by loose or sagging skin, but rather bands of collagen that connect the skin to muscle. As fat deposits enter spaces between the skin and muscle, collagen bands (septae) pull tighter and, in turn, also tighten skin. The fat deposits then become visible on the skin’s surface, appearing as dimples or divots lodged between septae.

Severity Scale

In 2009, a scale was published to measure three grades of cellulite severity:

  • Grade 1: cellulite is mild in appearance with an orange-peel texture and one to four superficial depressions
  • Grade 2: characterized by five to nine medium-depth depressions, this cellulite is medium with an appearance like cottage cheese
  • Grade 3: cellulite is severe with 10 more deep depressions and a mattress-like appearance


A Multifactorial Nature

Cellulite affects people differently. Some women have very little of it, while others only develop these fat pockets later in life. But at the other end of the spectrum are those who experience cellulite fairly early in life and in great quantity, despite weight management techniques and healthy skincare practices.

These discrepancies exist because cellulite is multifactorial. It can be caused by one or a combination of the following:

  • Low-grade inflammation in the skin
  • Hereditary differences in two genes
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Water retention
  • Restricted blood flow


Treatment Options

A variety of treatments exist to temporarily relieve the appearance of cellulite, ranging from lasers to liposuction. Few, however, deliver outstanding results, and liposuction that removes unwanted fat does not necessarily treat cellulite. It can, in fact, make the appearance of dimpling more obvious as surrounding fat is removed.

The prevalence of cellulite means women of all cultures always want to know how to get rid of it. QWO may just be the answer; it can be used on nearly all people of all ages (18 to 78) and delivers visible results.

How This Therapy Works

The active ingredient in QWO is collagenase clostridium histolyticum (CCH), which we inject directly into the dimpled areas of your buttocks. CCH then goes to work dissolving fibrous collagen bands that are pulling skin taut. The tethering effect is relieved so skin can bounce away from deeper tissues and reflect a smoother, softer appearance.

As for the collagen that is dissolved, don’t worry – the body rebuilds it to be stronger and healthier. Once the injectable is administered, enzymatic subcision and remodeling (ESR) begin. ESR is comprised of three key activities:

  • Enzymatic breakdown of mature, collagen-rich septae
  • Neocollagenesis stimulation
  • Fat lobule reorganization


Describing ESR

The process of ESR is believed to start as soon CCH begins dissolving the septae. Once that fibrous protein is detached, the fat lobules reorganize and spread under the skin more evenly. This activity ignites the body’s natural collagen production to build new strands that ultimately lead to a stronger, more flexible network.

Keep in mind cellulite damages collagen bands within the skin. ESR can be described as the internal process of collagen rebuilding itself. Smaller septae develop to reduce the tension that pulls skin taut; these new collagen bands also help thicken the dermis for firmer-looking thighs and buttocks.

Treatment Plans and Results

Some patients see results after one treatment, but most need more than one session. For this reason, many of the treatment plans we craft involve three sessions each delivered three weeks apart.

While you may start to see an improvement in your skin’s appearance within three weeks, most results take around 10 weeks to develop. This isn’t the end of the story, however. As collagen continues to rebuild and remodel itself, your skin will likewise continue smoothing. And as you move through your treatment plan, each session will build upon the last to provide the most comprehensive benefits possible.

Does Treatment Work?

Injectable treatments that smooth skin and erase the signs of aging are now considered mainstream. Patients have become increasingly comfortable with them, meaning new injectables will continue to be developed for common skin issues – like cellulite.

QWO is the first injectable to target these fat cells and has undergone more patient studies than any other FDA-approved cellulite treatment. More than 1800 women have participated in multiple studies, meaning this injectable’s effects are well documented. But does treatment work? The answer is yes; it delivers results that patients and providers alike can see.

The Comparison

You might be thinking that other cellulite treatments have also earned FDA approval, so what makes this one different? QWO is an actual medication. This means it had to pass the FDA’s medication approval process, a much more rigorous and robust process than that required of devices like lasers.

Other treatments work to sever degraded collagen bands responsible for cellulite’s dimpled appearance. For instance, one such treatment relies on a tiny blade to cut the bands, while another emits thermal energy to do the same. What may be the oldest cellulite treatment uses a cannula to cut the bands mechanically. QWO, on the other hand, loosens these fibrous trips chemically and is therefore less invasive.

What You Need To Know

One of the first questions patients ask is how long do results last? Data from early studies show women enjoy their treatment benefits for at least a year. Over time, we will continue to follow study subjects to measure their results and currently expect QWO will show to last more than 12 months.

Minimal Downtime

Here’s another subject in which we receive many questions: what is the downtime associated with this injectable? You’ll be happy to learn no recovery period is necessary. We recommend some patients wait a day to resume exercise, and if we feel this should apply to you, we’ll let you know during your consultation. Otherwise, you’re free to continue with your day immediately after your appointment.

The Weight Loss Factor

It seems like shedding a few unwanted pounds would help reduce cellulite, but your body cannot use this fat as fuel. That’s why it stubbornly remains even when you eat healthily and exercise regularly.

During weight loss, your body burns stored fat but not that trapped in your skin’s layers. This explains why eliminating cellulite can be so challenging, and why treatment is often necessary.

Skinny People Can Be Affected

Many patients wrongly assume that cellulite only happens to people who are overweight. As we explained earlier, it can target any body type because so many different culprits contribute. Excess body weight can cause cellulite to become worse, but age, hormones, and genetics play larger roles.

Likewise, certain foods do not necessarily cause cellulite. Some people believe this condition is a result of eating cottage cheese or oranges, but these factors actually have very little to do with each other. Commonly reaching for fatty foods like pizza can increase body fat and make cellulite more noticeable, but no specific diet causes or prevents this common condition.

No Known Natural Remedies

When it comes to treatment, many patients wonder if natural remedies can help reduce cellulite. Unfortunately, no pills or special techniques can eradicate cellulite. Manual massage can temporarily improve its appearance by encouraging lymphatic drainage and stronger blood flow, but the effects quickly wear off. Drinking water can also help for the same reasons.

What we recommend you avoid are herbal body wraps, lotions, and creams because they’re not capable of producing real results. In other words, we encourage you to save your money.

Can Cellulite Be Prevented?

Again, preventing cellulite altogether is nearly impossible. For instance, if you’re genetically predisposed, you cannot alter your genes. A healthy lifestyle, which includes avoiding tobacco and limiting alcohol use, is the surest and easiest way to keep its appearance to a minimum. But even diligent behaviors provide no guarantee against cellulite development.

Determining Your Candidacy

If you want to explore treatment for yourself, you should schedule a consultation. We’ll use this time to determine if you’re a strong candidate. While QWO is suitable for all skin types, patients should also:

  • Have no allergies to the injectable’s ingredients
  • Not be pregnant or have plans to become pregnant in the next three months
  • Have no active pimples, rashes, or infections in the treatment area
  • Not be nursing or breastfeeding
  • Be free from bleeding disorders or diseases
  • Have visible dimples in their buttocks
  • Retain realistic expectations of treatment


Treatment Benefits

Aside from the most obvious benefit of no longer seeing your cellulite, treatment can also help sculpt your lower body. This essentially means it restores your natural curves so clothes fit better and you have more confidence in your appearance.

Many women with cellulite choose to stay home during sunny days rather than flaunt their curves at the beach. It’s a source of shame for athletes and makes young mothers feel older and overlooked. As for more mature women, cellulite feels like yet another bump on the road of aging. Nobody should feel this way, and if treatment will help improve your body image, that is the greatest benefit of all.

Smoother Skin and Renewed Confidence Can Be Yours

QWO is a non-invasive and exciting new way to reduce the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks. And with the promise of long-lasting results, you have every reason to try this treatment and none to ignore it. Schedule your consultation today by calling MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach, FL.

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