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The youthful appearance of our skin can start to decrease when we hit our mid-twenties as collagen and elastin production in your body scales down. You’ll likely notice your skin starting to weaken even if you’ve put effort into protecting your skin and using the best skincare products available. Luckily, the Sofwave treatment offered by MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach FL has the ability to strengthen your skin and reverse the signs of the aging process.

What Are the Benefits of Sofwave?

Provides a Non-Invasive Solution

One of the foremost reasons this treatment is so popular is that the ultrasound energy it uses is totally non-invasive. This energy acts upon your skin with no surgery needed, enhancing the natural collagen proteins in your body to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines.

Increases Collagen

Collagen provides the structure that supports your skin, giving the skin its youthful elasticity and strength. In addition to your skin, collagen also promotes the health of your tendons, muscles, and even your hair. In order to fight wrinkles, this treatment provides a boost to the collagen in your facial tissues. Your facial structure will be left firm and strong from the reinforcements this treatment provides your collagen proteins.

More collagen helps you achieve the youthful, smooth, and voluminous skin that you desire. Wrinkles that have developed due to a loss of collagen will gradually be smoothed away. The increased aging your skin may have suffered as a result of damage from the sun can also be treated using this collagen-enhancing process.

The Treatment Process

You’ll enjoy a convenient appointment right in the comfort of our office for this treatment. The specialized device we use is known as the Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam SUPERB, which provides a simple treatment despite its complicated-sounding name. This handheld device delivers ultrasound energy to your facial tissues for around 30 to 45 minutes.

Once that process is complete, you’ll be able to leave and get back to your usual day-to-day routine. The results you enjoy will continue to improve over the course of the next few months. Due to the way this process rebuilds collagen proteins over time, your youthful appearance will continue getting better and better.

How Does This Treatment Work?

This technology uses a combination of SofCool technology to protect the surface of your skin and ultrasound energy that increases the temperature about 1.5 millimeters under your skin. As the temperature of your tissues increase, a process called neocallegensis is triggered. This is the scientific term for the process your body uses to produce new collagen. In order to achieve the wrinkle-reducing effects of this treatment, the new collagen in your body goes to work tightening up skin and building a stronger support structure for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Results Take To Appear?

The initial results will begin to appear at around one week following treatment, and those results should continue to get better for around three months. Schedule your treatment a few weeks to a month before any big event you have planned, such as a vacation or a wedding, in order to have the best results for the day of the event.

Will I Require Follow-Up Treatments?

Usually one treatment is enough to enjoy the full benefits that this efficient treatment method provides. However, every patient has different aesthetic goals, and multiple treatments may be helpful in achieving an even more dramatic transformation for your skin. We’ll work out a personalized plan for you that takes your goals and desires into account.

Can I Keep Up My Usual Skincare Routine Following Treatment?

Many of us feel attached to our skincare routine and don’t want to part with it due to treatment. This gentle treatment is perfect on that front, since it allows you to continue using your favorite aesthetic and skincare products as normal. We can also recommend certain products that will boost and lengthen the effectiveness of this treatment over the following months in order to obtain the best results.

We’ll be happy to recommend you a range of anti-aging lotions and creams that we can vouch for in terms of their effectiveness. This gives you a greater sense of peace of mind than trying to find a good anti-aging cream online that is right for your sensitive skin. You won’t have to trust in random online brands when you have the scientifically-proven medical-grade products that we offer you.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Safety was the top goal in mind when developing the Sofwave treatment. The SofCool technology used in conjunction with the ultrasound waves keeps your skin cool and protected while the tissue underneath is gently warmed to get results. Our team will use their expertise to make the entire appointment comfortable and stress-free for you. We’ll discuss any concerns you have ahead of your appointment in order to put your mind at ease throughout the process. After all, achieving fuller, more youthful skin should be something you enjoy and look forward to.

Who Is This Treatment Right For?

People Who Want To Avoid Needles

Some effective skincare treatments use injections to get their results, but that type of treatment isn’t ideal for every patient. Those who are apprehensive about needles or otherwise don’t want to deal with injectable treatments can benefit from the alternative way to get results that this treatment provides.

Anyone Looking To Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Minor and moderate lines across your face can be remedies using this cutting-edge treatment method. The upper facial area and lines around your mouth are just some of the common treatment areas that people use this treatment to address.

Are There Other Treatments Available?

We have multiple ways of getting you the anti-aging results that you’re looking for in addition to Sofwave. In order to find the best fit for your specific needs, we’ll go over a wide range of treatments that are available to you. You can even enjoy greater benefits by combining multiple different treatments at once.

Signature Luminous Glow Facial

Using a powerful regenerative serum, our expert team can give you a high-end facial with impressive results. Custom blended from the finest ingredients available, this serum originates in Italy. This treatment uses a specially-designed hydrating collagen mask, followed by 20 minutes of LED light therapy that helps your skin to absorb the nutrients that the serum contains. Your skin will thank you for the pampering this well-rounded treatment provides, showing off a radiant, healthy glow.

Silhouette Instalift

You can also consider a Silhouette Instalift to redefine the contours of your face without surgery. This option provides similar impressive results to what you’ll see from a traditional facelift without the expensive cost or lengthy recovery times associated with such treatments. A facelift also won’t replace the lost volume in your face, instead focusing on lifting sagging skin. A Silhouette Instalift, on the other hand, adds volume to your skin while tightening the skin at the same time.

Injectables and Fillers

You can also fill in wrinkles in order to treat their appearance. Such injectable filler treatments help to reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate the look of your face. There are a wide range of effective injectables we can offer you. We’ll go over each option with you to ensure you find the treatment that fits your needs best.

PDO Threadlift

Another minimally-invasive treatment, PDO threads are designed to treat skin laxity. Also known as polydioxanone threads, they are non-toxic and safe for your health. This treatment tightens skin across target areas such as your face, arms, neck, or chest and stimulates collagen production on the cellular level.


If volume loss is your primary aging concern, Renuva can help to add a voluminous look to skin all across your body, primarily focusing on your hands and face. The secret to this method of treatment is fat transfer. Excess fat is taken from one part of your body and carefully used to fill out hollowed-out areas of your cheek, under your eyes, or into your hands. This treatment gets the results of a fat transfer surgery with no surgery involved.

Get Your Skin the Care It Deserves

We’re excited to give you more details about all of these different treatments and the variety of benefits they can offer you. Get in touch with MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, FL today to get your initial consultation and start on your journey to a more youthful self!

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