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The HydraFacial® multi-step cleansing and exfoliation treatment is unique in that it combines extraction and cleansing with the infusion of important nutritional factors. This complete facial skin treatment can result in more youthful, glowing skin with fewer wrinkles and discolorations. The treatment also helps to kick start a renewal process where healthier skin cells are created and more collagen is produced.

Unlike most other skin treatment procedures that address only a single concern, the HydraFacial® customized treatment works to eliminate the signs of aging by removing damaged tissue and stimulating the body to produce newer skin that is supple, firm and even in tone. The results are long-lasting, meaning that a single treatment, customized to the individual’s needs, may be the only rejuvenation procedure required to bring about the facial complexion desired.

The Science Behind the HydraFacial®

The idea is to completely rid the facial skin of foreign material, unclog pores and strip away damaged skin cells prior to introducing nutrients. When the skin becomes brittle and full of tiny wrinkles, it usually means a lack of moisture in the epidermis and an inability for the skin to breathe properly. Cleaning the skin and removing the top layer of epidermis is necessary to start the rejuvenation process.

A Multi-Step Procedure

The HydraFacial® treatment can be customized according to the concerns of the client. When we consult with our client, we point out the different treatment options. The HydraFacial® treatment can be adjusted to target wrinkles and fine lines, oily or congested skin, discolored patches of skin on the face or dark spot problems.

Overall, however, the treatment involves four basic steps. The first step is a cleansing and exfoliation procedure that makes use of a special tool. This is followed by a gentle peel treatment. The acid used is rather mild, but quickly kills the upper layer of epidermis. The layer peels off immediately.

The next step is extraction. A special device is pressed against the skin, and clogged pores are opened up. A special serum is used to penetrate through the pores prior to suctioning. Lastly, nutrients including antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides are infused into the skin.

After Treatment

The face will not be red or bruised after this treatment. Normal activities can be resumed at once. Most of our clients report a significant improvement in skin texture within just days. Fine wrinkles become much less noticeable, and age-related discolorations such as acne scars and liver spots are also much less visible. The HydraFacial® treatment can be repeated as often as is deemed necessary by us and our clients.

Learn More About the HydraFacial® Treatment

Consult with the team at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach to get all the facts about how the HydraFacial® multi-step treatment can turn back the clock and restore your skin to its more youthful appearance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to get started on the path to a more refreshed, youthful-looking face.

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