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Cardiovascular disease is a major problem in the United States, and it leads to a tremendous amount of deaths each year. Researchers in the medical fields are fighting to find more treatment methods, and IV vitamin therapy is one of those plans that can help manage its symptoms. You can speak to our medical team about different IV vitamin therapy treatment options, but this type of therapy is commonly used with vitamin C.

Understanding Cardiovascular Disease

When people have cardiovascular disease, the walls of their arteries are not strong. If one of these arteries were to burst, they could die. Arteries need different substances in the body to build them up and to keep them strong, and vitamin C is one of those substances. People who have enough of the necessary substances in their bodies do not necessarily need treatment to help them repair the walls of their arteries; however, many people are deficient.

Vitamin Deficiencies

People are deficient in vitamins for all types of reasons. Some of them may have only recently started eating healthy, and their bodies have not had the necessary time to build up the vitamins that they need. Other people do not pay attention to the amount of vitamins that they take in. Still others think they are consuming vitamins, but they do not realize that some of these vitamins are depleted when food is cooked or prepared in certain ways. Some people may think they are taking in an abundance of vitamin C when they are barely consuming any at all in reality.

Why IV Vitamin Therapy

You may wonder why you cannot just start taking more vitamin C and ensuring that you are consuming foods with this vitamin in it. Well, you can certainly speak to your treatment provider about steps for doing so; however, you should also think about the benefits that IV vitamin therapy has to offer. IV vitamin therapy helps to bring that vitamin C directly to your body and in high enough quantities to act in the way that it should. Furthermore, this method can be used if people are suffering from serious effects of cardiovascular therapy and do not have much time left. Speaking with Dr. Daniela Dadurian about our IV vitamin therapy program is important before a serious situation arises.

The Benefits

The major benefit of this IV vitamin therapy is that it provides concentrated doses of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. At MD Beauty Labs, our lab tests can determine the deficiencies in your body and customize your IV vitamin therapy to your specific needs. In addition to managing cardiovascular disease, IV vitamin therapy can also help with degenerative diseases and GI issues. It can also work as a preventative therapy for healthy aging. Contact MD Beauty Labs today to schedule your consultation.

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