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Holistic medicine is a kind of healing that addresses the whole individual, including their physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit, to achieve optimal wellness and health. According to the philosophies of holistic medicine, anyone can reach optimal health by achieving the proper balance in their life, which is the main goal of all holistic health treatments.

Today, medicine has continued to evolve and discover new ways and drugs to treat and cure some diseases. There are traditional techniques to cure illness or provide relief that are usually applied to most individuals. But, there’s another type of treatment that takes a more realistic and sensible approach to curing illness, it’s known as the holistic way. The holistic approach to sickness is a special kind of treatment that looks at the cause rather than just the symptoms of the illness while addressing the patient’s entire being as an integral part of optimal treatment.

The Holistic Treatment Approach

Holistic treatment is considered more as a kind of approach than an actual treatment. Holistic health treatment focuses on every aspect of the individual, including their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. It takes a close look at the individual’s overall lifestyle and identifies any key imbalances that may be causing the adverse effects on their health. It also looks at the cause of the illness. The primary goal is to eliminate fully the illness by motivating the individual to seek a healthier lifestyle and a life of wholeness in general.

Benefits of Holistic Treatments

While there are many benefits of holistic treatment, here are some of the most common.

  • Improved overall health
  • Faster pain relief
  • Better awareness of the body
  • Recognize the need for a structured, well-balanced life
  • Use more natural resources, such as natural medicines and organic herbs
  • Take a more natural approach to health and curing illness by incorporating good nutrition, regular exercise, detoxification, and many other noninvasive, natural treatments

Holistic health treatments have helped a number of diseases, such as ovarian cancer, whereby most females treated holistically experienced much less pain, reduced number of cysts, improvement of their overall health, and complete eradicating of cancer in some cases.

Another great benefit of the holistic approach is improved eye health, especially those with glaucoma. Holistic health treatments focus more on natural drugs in combination with taking vitamin supplements, eye exercises, healthy eating habits, and doing stress-relieving exercises such as yoga and meditation.

At Daniela Dadurian, M.D. our holistic health coach, Amy Elise, aims to provide energy based healing. Our holistic health treatments can help you feel your best from the inside out without drugs or medication. Contact Daniela Dadurian, M.D. today to schedule your consultation.

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