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When it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress, the mind plays a critical role. Do you find it difficult to self-regulate and relax? Biofeedback uses your thoughts and mind to influence the functions of your body. It can help you address anxiety as well as other disorders. As advocates of anti-aging and regenerative medicine, we at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, FL, perform this holistic treatment to care for your long term health.

Is Biofeedback Good for Anxiety?

The treatment helps you learn how to recognize and react to stimuli. It is usually used to treat anxiety, chronic stress, and pain, which can all have severe long-term health consequences. It uses the principle of mind over matter. You will learn how to modify your behavior and thinking in order to produce the desired effect on your physical responses.

The treatment uses sensors connected to your body. They provide a real-time reading of essential functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, body temperature, and oxygen saturation. Some types of treatment also track brain waves and cognitive responses.

What Is the Overall Goal of the Treatment?

Through therapy, we aim to help you make subtle changes and improvements to your body. We believe that taking control of both your mind and body is one of the ideal ways you can experience healing and self-rejuvenation. During your treatment, we can focus on relaxing your muscles, slowing down your heart rate, or reducing your feelings of pain.

We would like you to be free of the symptoms you are experiencing, whether from anxiety, depression, or other physical ailments. In the long term, the goal of the treatment is to help you take control of your body by teaching you how to understand how your mind works.

Can This Be Used for Other Conditions?

Biofeedback is used to manage several disorders and conditions successfully. If you are suffering from other illnesses apart from anxiety, you can benefit even more from this treatment.

By discovering the connection between your mind and body and controlling it, you can minimize your symptoms or learn to handle them with patience. The success of your treatment will also depend on how well you adhere to your scheduled treatment sessions.


Nobody likes headaches, but migraines can be especially brutal. They may cause severe, stirring pain, nausea, and vomiting and may last for hours or even days. Medicine is often used to treat and manage these headaches, but holistic treatments offer another promising means of combating migraines.

As you receive key information about your muscle tension and body temperature, you can learn to manage these involuntary reactions. Ideally, you’ll be able to ease the sensations or decrease the symptoms of your migraines.

Panic Disorders

Unintentional reaction to chronic stress may cause anxiety and other panic disorders. Stress is caused by several reasons: psychological, physical, or environmental. Those with anxiety or other panic disorders are trapped in a pattern of reacting to stress, sometimes without their knowledge.

It can feel like you have no control over how your body reacts. Biofeedback gives you a way to become aware and eventually learn how to control your reactions and triggers. You’ll be able to turn involuntary reactions into voluntary ones and prevent the occurrence of panic attacks.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a specific form of anxiety caused by an extreme shock to the central nervous system, such as intense stress or trauma from a terrifying event. People suffering from PTSD often find that the chronic disorder symptoms that have dramatically affected their lives.

PTSD therapy often involves medicinal products, but we believe that biofeedback can actually be a more effective treatment method for the disease. With neurofeedback, you can control trauma in the areas of your brain and reduce PTSD symptoms.

Depression and Mood Swings

Depression and mood swings are characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness, irritability, sudden anger, and worthlessness. These disorders are more than a bad mood that lasts a day; they can’t be cured with a few kind words. Many people need treatment to ease debilitating symptoms.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is comparable to suffering from an injury that refuses to go away. Typically, it lasts for more than six months and is essentially independent of the original injury. Addressing the primary concern isn’t enough to erase all the symptoms of chronic pain. Prescriptions may not suffice to manage pain correctly.

Holistic treatments can help with chronic pain when traditional medicine and pharmaceutical medication do not give you significant results. They help you understand the brain’s pain response so you can manage how you react and experience different pain sensations. This non-invasive treatment can alleviate your symptoms of chronic pain. It can help you become less dependent on addictive pain medications often used in professional settings.

The Different Types of Treatment

Did you know that there are different types of Biofeedback treatments? Each is uniquely designed to measure specific responses and train you for certain ways of thinking and functioning. The approach you choose may depend on what you hope to achieve and what your current therapist or doctor may recommend.


This treatment type involves wearing measuring devices around the chest and abdomen to monitor your respiration. With this therapy, you can learn to control how you inhale and exhale more effectively, so you can better respond to stress and manage your anxiety.

Skin Response

This type involves measuring sweat on the skin surface. Galvanic skin response, also known as skin behavior, is a useful marker for measuring emotional excitement. Apart from regulating our body temperature, sweating also indicates emotional stimulation. Various situations that trigger emotions can also easily trigger sweating. The more you are excited, the more active your sweat glands behave.

Blood Pressure

This treatment involves using a blood pressure measuring device. These devices provide blood pressure information while we guide you through relaxation techniques.

Muscle Tension

Sensors are placed in various body areas and connected to a measuring device. This device will measure changes in muscle tension over intervals, through electrical activity monitoring, which results from muscle contractions.

The Relationship Between Biofeedback and Biosound

Biosound helps you control emotional reactions by concentrating instead on the quality of life, relationships, and health. It can help you deal with trauma, stress, depression, and anxiety. Biosound is an alternative form of treatment and also a unique method for treating drug abuse.

Modern science has begun to recognize that energy makes up the entire blueprint of the human body. This idea has been adapted in the health and wellness industry for many decades. New technologies are developed every day to improve our body energy and, therefore, our overall health. Biosound is not an exception.

What Is a Biosound Treatment Like?

During each therapy session, you sit in a comfortable lounge, which brings you to a meditative state. Biosound sensor glasses are also used to include the use of video-led images and positive affirmations. The objective of the treatment is to put the nervous system in a state of complete relaxation, slowing the heartbeat. When it comes to treating depression and anxiety, this form of holistic treatment offers promising results. When used to treat someone with drug abuse problems, they become more likely to stay clean after the rehabilitation.

We aim to provide excellent care and outstanding practice for every treatment in our office. You can expect the same for all your sessions. During the therapy, you’ll learn how to understand and interpret the physical symptoms and signs of stress and anxiety. We will use special devices and guide you through exercises that will help you achieve your personal goals.

What Happens During Biofeedback Sessions

Depending on the type of response measured, electrical sensors are connected to certain areas of your body. These sensors are connected to a measuring device that measures your physical responses. We will guide you through various mental exercises, including visualization, meditation, breathing, or relaxation techniques during your session. Afterward, we’ll inform you about the information from the measuring device used to assess your physical response during these activities.

How Long Does It Take?

Sessions are generally short and convenient. A typical session usually lasts 30 to 60 minutes long. One treatment course often includes four to six sessions. Sometimes, eight to ten sessions are recommended. We will help you examine the treatment’s progress and offer professional advice so that you can make the best out of your therapy.

The length of your sessions and the number of follow-up treatments depend on many factors, including:

  • How well you respond to the treatment
  • The specific condition you are focusing on
  • Your personal goals and objectives


Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Many men and women of any age can benefit from holistic treatments. Designed to be a natural way to connect within yourself and get in touch with your well-being, this treatment is compatible with most people. Nevertheless, just like all forms of treatment, we’d need to consider your medical history, goals for the treatment, and pre-existing conditions.

Before you set your mind to undergo this treatment or use it together with your current medication, we’d like to remind you to consider the advantages and benefits. What are some of your reasons for using holistic treatments? We can provide you with expert advice when you consult with us about this treatment in our office.

You’re Looking To Complement Existing Treatments

You may choose holistic options while you are undergoing other medical therapies. Do you look forward to supplementing professional care with non-invasive treatments that will also contribute to your well-being? Then you can be a good candidate for this treatment. For some people, they’d rather choose or prefer holistic treatments over other options. They do not wish to undergo therapy that can be painful, disruptive, or even invasive to their body.

You Want To Better Manage Your Stress

Modern lifestyles and ways of living have made us prone to experiencing stress. If you’re looking to deal with stressful and anxiety-inducing situations, you can choose this treatment. You’ll learn how to manage your responses and remain in control of the situation. The result is that you’ll feel more calm and collected. By completing the treatment, you’ll experience better handling of stress, dealing with anxiety, or going through daily life events that may inevitably cause negative emotions.

Experience Healing and Relaxation Today

Dealing with too much stress, anxiety, and pain can affect you in many ways. When both your mind and body suffer, you may gradually lose your vigor, beauty, and general well-being. Are you looking for a holistic treatment that can provide you with a safe and effective therapeutic experience? Contact MD Beauty Labs Spa and Wellness Center in Palm Beach, FL, to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you make better decisions that’ll improve your quality of life.

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