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The presence of loose or saggy skin under the neck can have a considerable impact on your self-confidence. As we get older, collagen creation slows down, leading to droopy skin, but you no longer have to live with the double chin and creases. At MD Beauty Labs Spa and Wellness Center in Palm Beach, Florida, we have a laser necklift, a quick solution to these problems.

How Long Does a Laser NeckLift Last?

A laser neck lift provides phenomenal results which can last for more than five years. Immediately after this treatment, the outcomes become apparent; although, with time, you will observe improvement that is more significant. This treatment helps to stimulate the creation of collagen, which makes the skin fuller and firmer.

The laser neck lift permanently eliminates the excess fat under the chin, resulting in tighter skin. In a few months, dramatic improvements will be observed.

What Should I Expect Before the Treatment?

Before treatment starts, your health care provider reviews your medical history to ensure you are of sound health. A physical body exam will also be carried out, after which your doctor will brief you on what the treatment entails.

Having a clear picture of what is to be expected is vital in ensuring you have practical expectations. We recommend avoiding taking blood thinners and asthma medication and avoiding smoking for at least a month before treatment.

What Should I Expect During the Treatment Session?

We use Precision TX to perform neck lifts. During treatment, the specialist makes an incision near the ear after administering local anesthesia, which helps numb the targeted area. A laser is then inserted through the opening. The laser’s heat is directed towards fat cells in areas where excess fat has built up over time, causing the fat to melt.

When the fat melts, it is delicately suctioned out of the body. The specialist then directs the laser upwards, which helps to tighten the dermal tissue. Thermal energy from the laser also stimulates collagen creation, which significantly improves the skin’s texture. You will then be required to wear a compression garment for a few weeks to help with recovery.

How Long Does Each Treatment Session Take?

Expect to be at the doctor’s office for at least an hour, during which local anesthesia is administered. The anesthesia also reduces the time you will spend at the treatment session. This treatment is fast, and you are allowed to resume your daily engagements a couple of days after your session.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

Some patients report getting a warm sensation when the laser penetrates the dermis. The sensation stops immediately after this treatment is completed. Overall, the treatment is painless, and you can resume your daily activities immediately.

What Should I Expect Post Treatment?

The doctor places a protective garment on the treatment area for a couple of days after the laser necklift session. The recovery time is short because laser treatment is not invasive. The results will be noted immediately; however, they become more apparent after a few months.

We recommend staying away from strenuous activities and taking good care of the treatment area. We will require you to return to our facility a few times post-treatment so that your caregiver can monitor your progress. The specialist will also advise you on further measures to take to maintain your phenomenal new look.

Will I Be Required to Return for More Treatment Sessions?

This laser treatment is only done once, but the outcomes continue to improve with time. This effective treatment utilizes laser technology to melt the excess fat accumulated on the neck area bringing about a tighter and more defined neck shape. The treatment instantly eliminates double chins and creases, producing impressive outcomes that last for over five years.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on the Treatment?

We recommend booking a consultation whereby the specialist carries out an in-depth assessment of the neck area to identify the problem areas that require the treatment. After the appointment, we will issue you with a quote detailing the cost of treatment. The final amount is based on your unique needs and goals.

Do I Qualify for the Laser Neck Lift Treatment?

If you have droopy or saggy skin that forms odd contours on your neck, then it is time to seek out this treatment. If you would like to take some years off your age without enduring painful surgery, which comes with lengthy recuperating time, this laser treatment is the answer. The treatment is suitable for individuals of any gender and has long-lasting outcomes.

Adults who are between the ages of thirty and seventy can opt for this treatment. As long as you are of sound health, the treatment is not strictly restricted to a specific age. If you have lost weight but still have loose neck skin, we highly recommend this treatment. You are also free to resort to this transformative solution if you are uncomfortable with a turkey neck or double chin.

Why Should I Opt for a Laser Neck Lift?

 1. The Treatment Takes Very Little Time

Expect to spend an hour or less at our facility. The session takes a relatively short time to complete. We also use anesthesia to numb any pain. Local anesthesia also helps to shorten the treatment duration and recovery time. What’s more, you can return home immediately after the session.

2. Anticipate No Downtime

During treatment, only minor cuts are made on the skin, which helps shorten the recuperating duration. There is no downtime, meaning you can return to your daily engagements post-treatment. We suggest taking it easy for three days to allow for complete recovery. We also recommend using an ice pack to help soothe the treatment area.

3. Immediate Outcomes

Immediately after the session, a notable difference in your appearance will be observed. With time, the outcomes become clearer because collagen continues being produced. Collagen helps your neck skin achieve a natural glow by smoothening out any trouble spots and removing the creases that form on the neck. These impressive results last for more extended periods.

4. The Laser Neck Lift Treatment Is Not Invasive

Only local anesthesia is used here, as opposed to what happens during major surgical procedures. If you want to avoid the long recuperating periods that come with surgery, then this laser treatment is the best alternative. The outcomes are a well-defined jawline and soft, unwrinkled skin that instantly restores your youthful look.

5. No Visible Scars Develop

We only make little, barely visible cuts in skin folds near the ear. The cuts heal well, leaving no visible scars. Therefore, if you are worried about acquiring ugly scars anywhere near your face or on your neck, there is no reason to be concerned. You can enjoy your new look without the evidence of having had any work done on your neck.

6. Results Really Last

Treatment outcomes last longer than five years. However, since you cannot halt the aging process, neck folds and jowls are likely to reappear with time. These new folds and creases may necessitate further treatments. Precision TX is a one-time treatment that helps achieve a more contoured neck, which one can appreciate for long durations.

7. Results Appear Natural

The treatment results are visible immediately after your treatment session. Because of continuous collagen creation, your skin gets tighter, toned, and more defined. The wrinkles disappear, and your jowl fills out. Incisions heal nicely and become barely visible, which brings about a natural and youthful appearance.

8. Skin Gets Smoother and Tighter

We utilize the effective Precision TX to tighten your tissues’ deep layers and rid your body of stored, stubborn fats that do not go away even with regular exercise. The outcome is a slimmer, perfectly contoured neck that gives you a youthful and more beautiful look. These impressive results only get better with time.

9. Rids the Neck of Excess Fat

An accumulation of excess fat under the jawline can bring about a double chin, significantly altering your overall look and leading to low self-confidence. There is an efficient solution to this problem. This laser treatment helps dispense unwanted fat by melting the fat cells. The fat cells are then easily suctioned out, bringing about tighter and smoother skin.

10. Results in Continuous Collagen Production

This treatment utilizes a laser, which heats the collagen under the dermis causing the neck skin to begin tightening. Collagen creation continues bringing about a fuller and well-toned appearance over time. The treatment results in a perfectly sculpted neck. Thermal energy from the laser heats the fats on the targeted area, subsequently melting away the excess fat.

The heat also stimulates collagen creation, which works to improve the skin’s hydration and elasticity. The treatment helps shrink the skin, making it easier for the specialist to sculpt the neck to achieve a slim and toned look. The laser treatment is relatively painless since anesthesia is used.

How Safe Is the Treatment?

The laser neck lift treatment is safe and effective and helps restore, tighten, and soften the neck’s saggy skin. This treatment is FDA-approved and is minimally invasive, which means you can anticipate no scarring. Recovery also only takes a short period because heat from the laser does not damage the epidermis. What’s more, you experience no downtime.

Will I Feel Any Pain During Treatment?

Since we perform the treatment while the patient is under local anesthesia, there is no pain experienced. We recommend wearing pressure garments or using ice packs on the treatment area to hasten recovery and soothe the area after laser treatment.

Which Neck Skin Issues Are Addressed by the Treatment?

This laser treatment helps to remove:

  • Sagging neck skin
  • Deep neck wrinkles
  • Droopy jowls
  • Double chin
  • Too much skin on the neck
  • Platysma bands

Get the Perfect Solution for Droopy Neck Skin

Laser neck lift allows you to turn back the hands of time by helping you achieve a youthful appearance. You no longer need big scarfs to conceal the uncomfortable saggy, wrinkly skin, and droopy jowls. There is a quick solution to this problem that does not involve surgery. What’s more, the recuperating time is short, and you can expect no downtime.

To further familiarize yourself with this quick, effective, and non-surgical treatment, contact MD Beauty Labs Spa and Wellness Center in Palm Beach, Florida, today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have and get you started on the journey to achieving a wrinkleless and well-contoured neck that will instantly restore your youthful and vibrant look.

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