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Most people find it difficult to completely get rid of unwanted body hair because most of the methods such as shaving are not perfect. Some of the methods we commonly use in hair removal lead to itching and you can still see traces of hair after shaving. However, it’s possible to get laser hair removal in West Palm Beach which will remove these problems. The method involves using laser light to destroy hair follicles. The method is fast and ensures you get rid of unwanted hair for good. If you are planning to attend a laser hair removal session, here are some tips for preparation.

Get a Clean Shave Before the Procedure

You need to give your body a clean shave, especially on the areas to be lasered. Unlike waxing, laser hair removal is meant to provide a permanent solution to your hair problems. That’s why you need to get rid of the hair before you come for laser hair removal in West Palm Beach.

Please note that you should not go for waxing if you are planning to have laser treatment. This is because the main target of the procedure is your hair follicles, meaning the follicles need to be there during the procedure. Just have a normal shave before coming for the treatment.


Avoid Sunburns and Any Skin Tan Before Your Session

It’s recommended that you go for laser hair removal during winter or fall seasons because your skin needs to be in perfect condition. You cannot undergo the hair removal process if your skin has been exposed to excess sun, which is likely to happen during summer. You need to be free of sunburns or having any tan one month prior to the procedure.

Avoid Moisturizers, Hot Showers, and Exercise Before the Treatment

While using moisturizers might be an obvious thing to avoid, you might wonder what exercising and having a hot shower have to do with it. Having hot showers and exercising make your body release sweat, which in return increases the chance of bacteria build up. Such bacteria could cause infections, so you need to avoid exercises and hot showers for at least one day before the procedure.

For more information and guidance about laser hair removal in West Palm Beach, MD Beauty Labs is here to help. Contact us today for detailed assistance.

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