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There is nothing like a good massage to help get the body back on track. Come to find out, massage therapy does not only feel great, but it is quite beneficial to your health as well. This is true in both a practical and a holistic sense. To better understand some of the benefits, it might help to examine a few areas where massage therapy can make a difference.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What a lot of people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome do not know is that massage therapy will often do far more than surgery for their condition. As overworked forearm muscles are massaged, this helps to ease some of the inflammation that creates such an overwhelming problem. Often massage therapy can help to reveal that the numbness and pain are not even actually carpal tunnel syndrome, but the result of other conditions that massage therapy will help to remedy.

Moving Blood

As a massage therapist is working the muscles in a given region, the squeezing and pushing of the skin and muscles help to make it possible to improve blood flow to areas in need. In essence, massage therapy is a great way to improve circulation. When blood can get into places that it needs to be able to reach, it will carry beneficial oxygen to muscle tissues.


Another great benefit of massage therapy is that it allows the body to undergo some degree of detoxification. Since working the muscles can release a large number of stored, trapped toxins in the muscle tissues, it is important to drink water after a massage therapy session to help eliminate these toxins and augment the detoxing power of massage therapy.


One of the amazing results of massage comes from the release of endorphins. As the body starts to feel good from the endorphin surge, it becomes easier to relax. Many people even report having a far better quality of sleep as a result of regular massage therapy. Better sleep helps the body in numerous ways, so this is a benefit of massage therapy that could improve most people’s quality of life. In addition, people who experience anxiety often find that a regular massage will help to take the edge off of their symptoms as well.


If a woman ever needed a good excuse to receive massage therapy, pregnancy is one of the best reasons. Massage not only reduces stress, but it helps pregnant women in other areas as well. From reducing muscle and joint pain to taking down swelling, massage therapy could be just what the doctor ordered. Just be sure to check with your doctor first before moving forward with your massage therapy appointments.

Other Disorders

Even though we have addressed numerous benefits of massage therapy already, the simple reality is that we have just scratched the surface. From digestive problems to headaches, massage therapy is proving to be one of the most natural ways to breathe life and vitality back into the human body. Also, massage therapy does not come with a long list of side effects. This means it is far safer of a treatment option than drugs tend to be for a lot of chronic health conditions.

At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, we offer various massage therapy treatments. You can combine these treatments with our other services offered at Bioage MD in Palm Beach to enjoy even better results. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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