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For decades, health experts have advised us to eat a proper diet and take multivitamins to remain healthy. However, thanks to scientific research, IV vitamin therapy now offers a more effective way to get much-needed nutrients.

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

It’s a therapy that replenishes IV vitamins and other nutrients in the body. Studies show that IV vitamins can improve numerous health conditions and help you achieve optimal wellness. Since the treatment bypasses the digestive system, you’re guaranteed a 100 percent absorption rate.

When you solely rely on nutrients from the food you eat, they undergo a complex process before being absorbed. For instance, it must be broken down by enzymes into amino acids and passed through the liver for detoxification. With IV therapy, the nutrients skip some processes.

Why Consider IV Vitamin Therapy?

Guaranteed Vitamin Absorption

Some medical conditions and medications can prevent the body from absorbing certain nutrients. This may deter you from enjoying optimal wellness. With IV therapy, you’re guaranteed that even when on medication, your body will receive the essential vitamins for optimal functioning. In addition, the body can use these nutrients immediately.

A Quick Treatment

If you have a busy schedule, IV therapy is perfect for you. The treatments can be conducted quickly in the comfort of our office. And since it is a non-surgical procedure, you can schedule it during a break and resume your usual activities.

Reduce Dependence On Pills

Taking vitamin supplements in the form of pills can be costly and uncomfortable. Some people also see any pill as medication and get turned off by the idea of using them. With IV vitamin therapy, a specialist will examine your body, identify the vitamins you need and administer the therapy. This reduces over-reliance on pills.

Dramatic Results

It takes the body days to digest the food we eat completely. With IV vitamin therapy, the body gets the nutrients almost instantly. You will start noticing their full effects quickly.

Get Started

IV vitamin therapy is safe when administered at the right facility by a qualified practitioner. At MD Beauty Labs in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, we value your safety, health and wellness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a certified practitioner. We look forward to hearing from you!

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