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No one will argue the benefits of the wide array of spa treatments on the market today, especially those which are medical in nature. There have been a variety of new technologies employed to make things like facelifts and tummy tucks less invasive and far less troublesome to endure. Among these new breakthroughs is a new type of facial which promises to be a step above microdermabrasion and microneedling. This new treatment is called the hydrafacial, and today we’ll be looking at why it is such a great idea.

Multiple Treatments in One

We’ve probably all heard old sayings about getting two things done with one action. Well, the hydrafacial actually does four. This one treatment starts by cleansing the skin, and it then proceeds to exfoliate. Next it removes dead skin cells, and finally, it applies a serum comprised of hyaluronic acid as well as some peptides and antioxidants. The blend is intended to rejuvenate your skin. That’s four treatments in one, and that’s tough to beat!

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet…

Now, this old saying refers, of course, to postmen delivering the mail. The hydrafacial, however, is no less impressive in its delivery. The device used for the procedure utilizes a special tip which uses suction in order to dislodge impurities from the skin while at the same time opens the pores ensuring that the serum will penetrate deeply for optimal results.

On the Go Treatment

The third main benefit of the hydrafacial is that there is no downtime afterward. The procedure is painless and delivers long-term results. It can be done in-office and you can head out afterward and get right back home. Additionally, hydrafacial treatments have minimal side effects and little or no risk is involved, making them a top choice for those who are looking for a great facial.

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Facials are quite refreshing, and it’s no wonder why so many enjoy them every day. Now, with the hydrafacial making its appearance, there is an even better option than those that came before. If you’d like to have your own hydrafacial or learn more about how they work, then look no further than MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, FL. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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