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You can try to hide unwanted hair on your body, but when hairs grow on your face, it can be nerve-racking. Sadly, that’s what most women with hair on their upper lips go through. Upper lip hair growth can negatively affect your appearance. However, don’t let unwanted hair take away from your charm and freshness. At MD Beauty Labs, we offer real solutions, including laser hair removal in West Palm Beach.

What Causes Upper Lip Hair Growth?

All women have facial hair growth, but the degree of growth varies. For most women, it’s because of hormonal fluxes or a medical condition. Here are some of the major causes of upper lip hair growth:

• Puberty: Hormonal changes occur in the body, which can lead to hair growth on the upper lip.

• Diseases: Disorders such as thyroid problems and PCOS can trigger hair growth on most parts of the body, including the upper lip.

• Pregnancy: Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, hair growth is commonly noticed.

• Aging: Hair growth can increase and reduce as you age, and change its direction.

• Stress: Stress can take a toll on your body, hampering your beauty and health and stimulating hair growth on various parts of the body.

• Testosterone levels: An increase in the amount of testosterone in women can result in increased hair growth on most parts of the body, such as the upper lip.

Temporary Options

Temporary methods of removing unwanted hair on the upper lip include shaving, using creams, bleaching, waxing and using tweezers. Most of these techniques can be uncomfortable and inefficient, and only remove hair from your upper lip for weeks at a time. Therefore, you must repeat the process quite often to maintain a hair-free face.

Long-Lasting Options

Laser hair removal in West Palm Beach is the most preferred option for addressing upper lip hair growth. It’s an effective solution that targets specific hair follicles and offers long-lasting results.

Ready to get rid of stubborn hair on your upper lip? Reach out to MD Beauty Labs to speak with one of our experts and learn more about laser hair removal in the West Palm Beach area. We have offices located in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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