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Sometimes, it’s not possible to reduce fat with diet and exercise, no matter how diligent these efforts may be. Unfortunately, as dieters lose weight, their weight loss occurs uniformly across the entire body rather than occurring in a disproportionate fashion across targeted trouble zones.

The good news is that there are countless cosmetic treatments for contouring and streamlining the face and physique. Kybella™ is currently the preferred solution among men and women who have excess fat beneath the chin and at the top of the neck. If you suffer from a double chin, this procedure could be right for you.

What Kybella is and Why It Works

Kybella™ is a relatively non-invasive, injectable medicine that is used to eliminate submental fat or excess fat beneath the chin. This procedure does not require any cutting, sutures or tissue removal.

Instead, the Kybella™ solution is directly injected into the targeted area, where it will slowly begin dissolving unwanted fat stores.

FDA-approved for treating double chins and known to produce remarkable results, this medication is based on an acid that is naturally-occurring within the human body – deoxycholic acid.

Deoxycholic acid has inherent fat dissolving and absorption properties that make it extremely effective for eliminating double chins.

Why Use Kybella

Excess amounts of submental fat can make people look far heavier than they really are. A double chin can also age the face and detract from overall facial aesthetics.

Given that Kybella™ is low-risk and relatively non-invasive, the recovery time for this procedure is nominal.

Diligent dieting and exercise will not change your facial or neck proportions and thus, if you want a dramatic change in the look of your chin and neck, cosmetic procedures could be necessary.

Scheduling a consultation appointment is the best way to learn whether or not Kybella™ is right for you. We can assess the targeted area and talk to you about your cosmetic goals.

Although the results of this procedure are not immediate, you can look forward to rapid and considerable fat loss at the injection site, with increasing improvement over time.

Minimal Recovery Time

It is important to note that some people may be genetically predisposed to excess fat storage at the top of the neck and chin. Thus, having a double chin does not necessarily mean that a person is overweight.

Before Kybella™ was available for use as a cosmetic treatment, liposculpture was the premier solution. Unlike liposculpture procedures that entail cutting and aggressive fat removal, Kybella™ can be used as part of a short, outpatient treatment that does not require even a single incision.

Best of all, people who receive Kybella™ can be back on their feet and ready to go about their normal business within a matter of minutes. Contact MD Beauty Labs today to make your appointment.

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