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Thanks to modern technology and recent advances in medicine, you can change things about your appearance that make you feel embarrassed or self-conscious. In the past, if you had a giant nose, very small ears or something else about your appearance that you did not like, there was very little you could do about it. However, nowadays there are so many different cosmetic procedures that are available to help you improve the way you look. And there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that when you look better, you feel better.

One product that is currently available is Kybella in West Palm Beach FL. This is a product that is injected under the chin in order to get rid of a double chin. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are dealing with pockets of fat under their chin even though they have a healthy body and are not overweight. Many individuals feel very self-conscious about their double chin, and it is very difficult to target this area of the body.

If a person was not able to get rid of a double chin by diet and exercise in the past, one of the only options that was available was using an invasive or surgical procedure. For example, an individual could have used liposuction. However, liposuction is an invasive procedure that will leave you with scarring, and you may not always be very happy with the results.

Thanks to Kybella®, individuals now have the opportunity to remove their double chin non-surgically. They no longer have to worry about downtime, risks that come with invasive procedures and the feeling of dissatisfaction if they do not like the results.

Kybella® contains ingredients that dissolve the fat, and so it can absorb naturally into the body. Once these fat cells have been destroyed, they will never return again. This means that you will have a slim face and neck. Of course, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to not gain weight in this area again.

During a consultation at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, we can describe in more detail how the product works. Kybella® is a great way for you to get rid of a double chin without all of the risks that come from a surgical and invasive procedure. You will feel much happier with the way you look after using this treatment.

Specializing in anti-aging medicine and internal medicine, Dr. Dadurian is committed to helping patients look and feel their very best. She also offers services at Bioage MD in Palm Beach. Contact her office today to schedule your appointment to learn more about Kybella®.

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