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Problems with acne usually occur during the adolescent years. However, acne breakouts can develop in the later years of life as well. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has stated that about eighty percent of men and women will have problems with acne during their youth up until early adulthood and, possibly, into their forties and fifties. Due to the negative effects acne can have on people’s self-esteem and appearance, many people seek professional acne treatment at our office.

Acne and Self-Esteem

Acne breakouts commonly occur around the face, neck, arms, chest and even shoulders. When an adolescent experiences these breakouts, it can have a devastating effect on their self-esteem and confidence. It’s during these years of life that we begin to establish an image of ourselves and where we belong in the social ladder of life.

Since it’s been established that acne problems can persist well into the later years of life, it’s not surprising that many older adults, primarily women, have self-esteem issues as well when it comes to acne breakouts.

Over-the-counter medications, lotions and acne wipes may alleviate the problem to some degree. However, when you consider the reasons for acne breakouts in the first place, you’ll find that OTC treatments are just not enough. There is nothing more effective in the treatment of acne breakouts than the kind administered by our experienced professionals.

How Acne Affects the Appearance

The milder cases of acne produce whiteheads and blackheads that will often diminish in appearance if OTC treatments are used regularly. The more severe kinds of acne can lead to permanent scarring that can last a lifetime if they are not treated properly and professionally.

Pustules, Papules, Cysts and Nodules

  • Pustules are pimples that are filled with white or yellow pus and are often reddish at their foundations. When these heal, they often leave permanent dark spots.
  • Papules are inflamed pimples that have a tendency to swell and are tender to the touch. Sometimes they might also itch. These also tend to leave a permanent dark scar after healing.
  • Cysts are filled with pus and are based underneath the skin. They are painful and tender to the touch, leaving permanent scarring when healed.
  • Nodules develop just below the skin and are often large and dense in nature. When they heal, they can leave permanent bumps under the skin that can be visible.

Professional Acne Treatment

There is a general misconception that acne is caused by a poor diet of overly fatty and fried foods as well as hormones secreted during the adolescent years. The fact that acne can continue to be a problem in the later years of life shows that it’s more complex than that.

Some people are genetically predisposed to have acne problems throughout their lives. It’s correct that hormones and hormonal changes play a part here. Problems with acne can be passed on from parents to children since children will likely have the same kinds of hormonal secretions their parents have.

At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, our team of experts understands the hormonal, genetic and lifestyle-related causes of acne and what to do about them. A consultation with one of our specialists is a vital first step in assuring that troublesome acne does not leave permanent scarring. While you are in the neighborhood, you may also wish to stop by Dr. Dadurian’s Bioage MD for additional health and wellness services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about how professional acne treatment can help you.

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