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Signs of aging like wrinkles or loss of volume on your face can rob you of confidence and peace of mind. Fortunately, modern medicine has evolved so much so that you can reverse all those signs without harming your overall health. One way to do this is through the use of dermal fillers.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are some of the most popular solutions for undoing aging signs such as deep wrinkles and folds on your face. They’re increasingly becoming the ideal solution for combating the aging process for lots of people because they work naturally, unlike other solutions that may harm your health in the long-term. These products work by filling in lines and wrinkles and restoring lost facial volume.

Types of Fillers

Understanding all the types of injectable fillers on the market can help you have a clear idea of how long the procedure lasts. However, it’s only through a face-to-face consultation with our expert that you’ll find the best solution for your wants and needs.

Juvederm® fillers have gained a solid reputation as the go-to option for reversing deep wrinkles or loss of facial volume. The majority of products within the Juvederm® family last up to one year in general. However, there are several products within the family that last for longer than that. You can only find the ideal product by talking to an expert during your consultation.

Other notable dermal fillers such as Sculptra® and Belotero® are also popular options, depending on the situation. Results vary from patient to patient based on a number of factors.

At MD Beauty Labs in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, we offer a variety of dermal filler options designed to rejuvenate your overall facial appearance. Our trained and experienced specialists are ready to sort out whatever facial skin issues you might have. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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