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At MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, FL, we see a lot of people with moderate-to-severe cosmetic concerns about their skin. We have a single, affordable solution to a great number of these cosmetic concerns, and a few medical concerns, too. Today, we’d like to talk about Dysport and what this quick, comfortable treatment can do for you.

10 Most Popular Uses of Dysport

1. Getting Rid of Laugh Lines

Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself laughing and cringed? You’ve probably noticed the lines around the outer corners of your mouth and eyes. You may have even noticed that they deepen when you laugh or smile. The exacerbation of your lines and wrinkles occurs because they are caused by excessively tight muscles.

Neuromodulator treatments, like Dysport, are designed with a special neurotoxin known as botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is a chemical compound produced by special bacteria that slows muscles. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to laugh or smile again. You will still have a full range of motion in your facial expressions.

2. Eliminating Crow’s Feet

Eliminating crow’s feet is another common reason people seek Dysport. Crow’s feet are a common problem in West Palm Beach because the weather is so nice that people spend a lot of time in the sun. Unfortunately, squinting is what causes and exacerbates the wrinkles branching down from the outer corners of your eyes.

While crow’s feet are commonly seen as a natural part of the aging process, they don’t have to be. If you’re at least 25 years of age, you may be the perfect candidate to receive these neurotoxin injections and smooth your countenance. Depending on your health and lifestyle, the full results of treatment may be enjoyed for four to six months.

3. Lifting Eyebrows

If you’re not ready to commit to an extensive, invasive procedure, you can use a neuromodulator to lift the eyebrows without the need for incisions or scars. If you’re worried that the results won’t be dramatic enough due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, don’t be.

This injectable neuromodulator treatment is just as effective as incising your skin and lifting and tightening the loose muscle and skin tissue. The best part is you can see the results within 24 to 72 hours of treatment rather than six to 12 months post-op with a brow lift. Furthermore, there is no downtime or recovery after treatment.

4. Augmenting Upper Lips

This non-invasive treatment isn’t just an alternative to an eyebrow lift. It can also be used to enhance the smile and augment the upper lips. This is accomplished by relaxing the muscle surrounding your upper lip, curling up your upper lip and making it appear larger. You may also choose to combine this treatment with Juvederm Ultra Plus or Volbella.

If you’re looking to correct asymmetry, we strongly recommend combining Juvederm Volbella with your neuromodulator lip flip. It is durable enough to last between 18 and 24 months, however, it is subtle enough that it can be used to make one side of your lips the same size as the other side of your lips while looking perfectly natural.

5. Treating Hyperhidrosis

Did you know that neuromodulators aren’t just ideal for the treatment of cosmetic concerns? A select few, including Dysport, are FDA-approved to treat medical issues caused by hyperactive muscles. One of the most common concerns treated by this injectable is hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that can affect any region of your body with sweat glands. This neuromodulator treatment can last for seven to 12 months and help you feel confident whether you are on the beach or in the boardroom.

6. Treating Blepharospasm

You may know that Botox was first FDA-approved to treat uncontrollable eyelid spasms. However, it is not the only neuromodulator treatment that can safely, effectively accomplish the same goal. In fact, Dysport can treat spasming eyelids for up to a year, improving your vision and quality of life.

To treat blepharospasm, we administer three doses of the medication in six strategic points around the palpebral structure supporting your eyelids. This treatment may be used in conjunction with a non-invasive brow lift or the treatment of frown lines.

7. Treating Frown Lines

Frown lines are the deep furrows that have taken permanent residence above and between your eyebrows. They deepen when you frown, but years of frowning inquisitively have “permanently” etched these lines into your forehead. With this neuromodulator treatment, your forehead muscles can finally relax, allowing your skin to smooth.

To treat frown lines, we administer several doses of the neurotoxin into five strategic points between and above your eyebrows. The depth of the injections will depend on several factors, including the structure of your skin and muscles, as well as the extent of the results you are looking for.

8. Treating Cervical Dystonia and Other Muscle Spasticity

Another medical condition that can be improved by this neuromodulator treatment is cervical dystonia. Cervical dystonia is characterized by severe neck muscle spasms. It causes pain to radiate up your neck and down your shoulders and upper back. It can even cause excruciating headaches.

In 2009, the FDA approved this neurotoxin for the treatment of adults in cervical dystonia. However, it is now FDA-approved for people with upper limb or lower limb spasticity. In other words, you can expect months of relief from pain, discomfort, and uncontrollable spasms of the neck, arms, hands, legs, and feet.

9. Treating Chronic Migraines

Yet another medical condition this neuromodulator is commonly used to treat is chronic migraines. You may suffer from chronic migraines if you suffer from at least 15 headaches per month lasting no fewer than four hours at a time. You may be diagnosed with chronic migraines if these headaches are accompanied by sensitivity to external stimuli.

During your initial consultation, we will review your medical history and discuss the outcome you would like to achieve from treatment. Depending on the type, frequency, and severity of headaches you most commonly suffer from, this may be the ideal treatment for you. The results of treatment can be felt after one month and last up to a year.

10. Treating Nasolabial Folds

Another one of the most popular uses for this neurotoxin is the treatment of nasolabial folds. This is because the results of treatment can last up to five years. However, you have to take care of your skin health and overall health to enjoy results that last this long.

The primary reason the results last so long for nasolabial folds is the dynamic muscles causing the folds aren’t used as frequently in daily life. As a result, they are weaker than more commonly used muscles, like your forehead muscles.

How to Get the Most Durable Results

To get the most durable results from any cosmetic treatment, you have to make caring for your skin one of your top priorities. Whether you live in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, or one of the surrounding communities, you are probably faced with the daily temptation of spontaneously going outside without sunscreen.

However, doing so will drastically reduce the longevity of your anti-aging results. Make sure you are lathering up with a broad-spectrum SPF 55+ sunscreen whenever you go outside during the day. While some sunscreens may protect from UVA and UVB rays, they may not protect your collagen and elastin from the UVC rays of the sun.

Am I a Good Candidate for This Neuromodulator?

Two of the primary benefits of this neuromodulator are its safety and efficacy. Its manufacturers and unbiased, third-party researchers have put the neurotoxin through rigorous double-blind clinical trials for safety. The results of these extensive tests revealed that this neurotoxin is safe for virtually everyone.

However, you must come in for an initial consultation to find out for sure if this is the right treatment for you. There are a few medical conditions that may preclude you from treatment, such as allergies or blood diseases. Moreover, we may find while discussing your goals that you are a better candidate for a different neuromodulator.

What Is the Right Age to Start Receiving Treatment?

The FDA has approved this neuromodulator to treat cosmetic concerns in adults. However, most 18-year-olds have an abundance of healthy collagen. It is between the ages of  25 and 30 that your skin starts to produce collagen and elastin at a significantly reduced rate. Generally, the right age to be treated is when you start to notice dynamic lines and wrinkles.

Early treatment is important. If you wait too long to start receiving treatment, your hyperactive muscles will become so strong that you will need a larger dose or more frequent treatments. Contrastingly, if you relax them before they get too strong, the treatments you need will be few and far between. You are also never too old to get treatment.

How Else Can You Get Rid of Laugh Lines?

While Dysport is an excellent treatment method for eliminating laugh lines, it is not right for everyone. For example, this particular neuromodulator is most commonly used to treat moderate wrinkles and sagging caused by hyperdynamic muscles. If you are allergic to milk protein and only have mild wrinkles, you are a better candidate for Xeomin.

If you suffer from severe wrinkles and sagging skin, you will benefit the most from Botox. To determine which neuromodulator is ideal for your laugh lines, call our experts at MD Beauty Labs to schedule an initial evaluation. We offer over a dozen injectables and several other non-invasive treatments to help you feel and look your best.

Which Treatments Complement Neuromodulators the Best?

The best aesthetic services to complement neuromodulators depend on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. If you are concerned with wrinkles caused by volume loss, Juvederm may be the perfect complement for you. If you are more concerned about the contours of large parts of your face, like your cheeks or chin, Juvederm Voluma XC may be better for you.

However, we don’t just offer injectables to help you add volume to your skin. We also offer Kybella, a deoxycholic acid-based injectable designed to eliminate excess fat cells from the treated area, like your jowls and the bands of fat around your neck.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

Whether you have laugh lines, smoker’s lines, drooping eyelids, or some other cosmetic concern, there’s a good chance Dysport can benefit you. To learn more about what this non-invasive treatment can do for you, please contact us today at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, FL to schedule your initial consultation. We can’t wait to help you get the look you deserve.

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