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No matter how hard you try to make them stop, the years are going to keep on flying by. The older you get, the faster they fly, and changes start creeping up on you. First, it’s a few gray hairs. Next, you notice a wrinkle here and there.

However, it’s the changes that are happening behind the scenes that bother you the most. You can’t get enough rest. Even though you sleep a solid eight hours every night, you wake up and can barely drag yourself out of bed. Your moods are all over the place, and your sexual libido has disappeared. BioTE hormone therapy can help you to feel normal once again.

BioTE Hormone Therapy Restores Your Body’s Natural Balance

As men and women age, hormonal fluctuations are common. As middle age approaches, the reproductive system slows down, and hormone production drops. Estrogen and testosterone are essential for your well-being.

While some people may not seem to notice any difference with aging, there are others who have significant symptoms. By choosing BioTE hormone therapy, you can make up for any drops in hormone levels when it comes to your reproductive hormones.

As your hormones are brought back to the proper levels, you will begin to feel better, helping you to slow down the aging process to do the things you love to do.

How BioTE Hormone Therapy Works

There are a variety of hormone replacement treatments available, including gels, patches, and injections. BioTE hormone therapy uses pellets that contain estrogen, testosterone or both. They are bio-identical, matching the hormones that are naturally produced in your body.

The pellets are placed beneath your skin and release hormones into your body over time. Unlike other options that will require many doses, you may only need to have pellets inserted a few times in a year.

The hormones that are contained in the pellets are identical to the chemical structure that is found in the hormones that are produced by your body.

As a result, they are metabolized more effectively and do not cause troublesome side effects that are a drawback with other forms of hormone replacement therapy.

When your hormones are in balance, you can increase your bone mass, get the rest your body needs and get a boost in energy. You’ll see a turnaround in your moods and a return of interest in the bedroom.

Ask Us About BioTE Hormone Therapy Today

If you are tired of the way you are feeling and think it may be hormone-related, see MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach. Through an evaluation and a blood test, it will be possible to determine if your reproductive hormones have dropped.

With BioTE hormone therapy, you can have a brief visit and be on your way. You’ll soon notice the changes and feel like a healthier, more youthful you. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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